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Tired of the same old boring backyard games?

The PutterBall backyard golf game is the perfect backyard party game for every scenario, and it’s perfect for those who have never played golf or claim not to enjoy it.

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What’s included?

  • PutterBall portable turf board
  • Two standard (31-inch) mini golf putters. Good for both right/left handed players
  • Two standard PutterBall logo performance golf balls
  • 12 turf hole covers (placed over a hole when that cup is made, just like removing a cup during beer pong)
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How to play

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The rules of Putterball are reminiscent of a standard game of beer pong — the objective is to make all six cups before the opposing team. Any additional rules from beer pong (death cup, naked lap, etc.) can be added at your own discretion.

  • Rule #1: Honors

    To determine which team takes the first turn, also known as “honors” in the golf world, it’s simple: ladies first. In the event there are no ladies present, you can use a simple coin flip, or a classic duel of Rock, Paper, Scissors (best two out of three, obviously).

  • Rule #2: Turns

    Teams then take turns trying to make cups, with each player hitting one putt per turn. Each player gets one attempt per turn to try to make a putt, and must hit the ball from a maximum of one foot in front of their own cups. Once a cup is made, place a cover over the hole to remove it from play. The cover should fit securely so that a putt can roll over the spot without bouncing or deflecting.

  • Rule #3: Redemption

    Once a team has successfully made all six cups, the opposing team is given a chance at redemption. For example, Team A is the first team to make all six cups. Each player on Team B will then get one attempt to make as many cups as possible until they miss. If both players on Team B are unable to make all of the remaining cups, Team A wins the game. If Team B is able to make all of the remaining cups, the game will be decided in overtime.

  • Rule #4: Overtime

    The rules of overtime are the same as the original rules (one putt per player, per turn) but only the back three cups are uncovered. In the example above, Team A would have “honors” in overtime, since they were the first team to make all six cups in the original game. Overtime is played as sudden-death: the first team to make all three back cups wins the game. Sorry, no second chance at redemption — it’s time to let someone else play.


What Are the Specs?

The PutterBall board is made of high-quality, high-density foam that is extremely durable and lightweight. Walk on it, stand on it, play it anywhere!

  • • Weight of Board: 13 pounds
  • • Weight of Full Set in Box: 16 pounds
  • • Dimensions (folded): 2.9 feet by 2 feet
  • • Dimensions (unfolded): 12 feet by 2 feet
  • • Material: High-density foam

If I Buy Now, When Will I Get It?

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What Is Your Return Policy?

Returns are accepted within 30 days as long as the set is in brand-new, unused condition. We offer a 15-day satisfaction guarantee from the date you receive your order on all PutterBall boards. Unfortunately, after the 15 day period has passed, we can no longer accept returns or exchanges.

For more information or to request a return authorization, please email support@putterballgame.com.

What Happens If I Lose A Part?

Lost something? No need to worry! We sell all parts and accessories separately online.

You can reach out to us at support@putterballgame.com if you have any questions, and our team will get back to you within 24 hours.