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A new revolutionary golf game that anyone can play…for your tailgate, backyard, beach, office…and anywhere else! As seen in Golf Digest and Golf Magazine. 

Putterball began with a dream to bring a golf themed backyard game to the masses. We set out to create a fusion of golf, competition, and beer (much like our typical Saturday afternoons) but remained focused on creating a game that everyone could enjoy, including those who have never actually played golf. The Putterball board is made of 100% high-density durable foam that you can walk on, stand on, and transport just about anywhere: back yard, front yard, beach, parking lot, driveway, your office (no drinking at work), your basement, your friend’s basement…even Grandma’s house. Its ultra light design makes it easy to store, and all you need to do is unfold it and crack open a few beers.

The rules of Putterball are reminiscent of a standard game of beer pong: the objective is to make all six cups before the opposing team. Any additional rules from beer pong (death cup, naked lap, etc.) can be added at your own discretion. 


The Putterball board is  made of high quality, high-density foam that is extremely durable and lightweight. Walk on it, stand on it, spill beer on it (we are not responsible for stains caused by party fouls) and transport it literally anywhere. 

Product Features

  • Two standard (31 inch) mini golf putters. Good for both right/left handed players
  • Two standard Putterball logo golf balls
  • 12 turf hole covers (placed over a hole when that cup is made, just like removing a cup during beer pong)
  • Carrying box with handle 

Weight: 13 lbs. 
Dimensions (folded): 2.9 ft x 2 ft 
Dimensions (unfolded): 11 ft x 2 ft 
Material: High density foam



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