3 Games That are Perfect for Social Distancing

3 Games That are Perfect for Social Distancing

Keeping our distance from friends and family is hard – we are so used to spending summers together having barbeques, enjoying company of loved ones, and taking part in all the fun social activities the summer has to offer.  With COVID-19 taking the forefront this summer, being creative is key. Enjoying the company of our loved ones is still possible when social distancing.  Staying outside is a great way to enjoy the nice weather, see friends and family, and maintain safe distances from those outside ‘our bubble’ to keep our communities safe. 

There are 3 games that are perfect for social distancing that will bring back the old feeling of being with friends and family. These games can be played outside well into the fall season. We can still be safe while having fun!

  1. Putterball

Putterball is a great backyard golf game that is perfect for social distancing. It’s a fun outdoor game that is suitable for all ages. You do not have to be a golf pro to have a great time with this game! The rules of Putterball are quite similar to beer pong. The objective is to make all six cups before the opposing team. To determine which team takes the first swing, also known as ‘the honours’ in golf, we suggest the ‘ladies first’ concept. If that isn’t possible, flip a coin, play rock paper scissors or use any other tie breaker game of your choice. The Putterball game is made with the highest quality durable foam, so it’s incredibly light and super easy to pack up in the car and take over to the next party.

A typical Putterball game will involve two teams, with two players on each team. Teams will take turns trying to make the cups, and each player gets only one chance per turn to make a put. Once a cup is made, you place the cover over it to remove it form the game.  You can incorporate any additional rules from beer pong into Putterball to make it as easy or challenging as you like. This fun game requires no person-to-person contact so maintaining 6 feet distance between players is absolutely feasible. We guarantee you will have a great time with this fun and competitive outdoor game.

  1. Cornhole

Cornhole has been gaining more popularity this summer and is another great game idea to bring to your next social-distancing event. Cornhole is an outdoor game that can be set up in minutes in your backyard. Cornhole, like Putterball, typically involves two teams, with two players on each team. There are two cornhole boards that can be set up on the lawn or any flat surface in your backyard. A cornhole board is around 2’ x 4’ in size and sits on a slight angle. The idea is to toss the corn-filled bags into the hole of the cornhole board. If it goes through the hole, that’s 3 points. If you miss the hold but it lands on the board, that’s 1 point. Whoever gets 21 points first, is the winner. The game is often referred to as ‘bag toss’ or ‘beanbag toss’ and is a well-known American outdoor game.  Like Putterball, cornhole can be packed up and brought to your next outdoor game. There is no requirement for person to person contact so you can safely distance while having a great time.

  1. Bocce Ball

Bocce Ball is a great game for friends and family to play in the backyard, while social distancing. This backyard game is fun for the whole family and is such a great way to add a little competition to the day. Bocce ball has actually been around for centuries – they say it originated in Egypt. You may have already been playing bocce ball as this has been a common picnic game for years. The concept of bocce ball is easy, and any skill level can play. The game can be between two individual players or you can set up teams of two to three people. Bocce ball consists of predetermined frames. The frame is started when someone throws the pallino (sometimes called ‘the Jack’) between the center and four-foot line. The goal is to throw the bocce balls as close to the pallino as possible. A relatively flat level outside space is needed to effectively set up the bocce playing area. This is a great game to play outdoors because with no contact required, social distancing can easily be maintained.

Finding fun backyard games that allow for social distancing doesn’t have to be hard. Putterball is fun for all ages and not just golf pros. The best part is, you can socially distance while playing.  Whether you are looking for ways to keep the kids entertained, or a fun game for a family picnic these 3 games are great addition to your game collection that will still allow you to keep safe while spending time with friends and family.

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