3 Golf Gift Ideas for Professional and Amateur Golfers

3 Golf Gift Ideas for Professional and Amateur Golfers

We understand that having golfer friends, family members, or romantic partners can be a little demanding, especially when it comes to buying gifts for them. The world’s golf community is small, albeit incredibly strong. Hence, we the PutterBall team brings to you, some fun gifts that you can add on your wishlist!

We also understand that you have searched for the perfect golf gift for your loved ones for hours before finally coming to us. We believe that you should gift a person something that they they can connect to. If your friend is a golf lover, chances are that they already have a golf club, golf ball, and other golf essentials. So what should you give them, that will make them feel special

In order to help you choose the best golf gift, we have prepared a list of the best golf gifts. After detailed and thorough research, we were able to find these top picks for you. Without further ado, here are the top ideas for your professional and amateur golfer special ones.

  1. Amateur Golf Tour Quarter Zip (Black)


It’s a fact that golf requires a lot of concentration, so you can’t have a lot of things bothering you. This quarter zip solves half of your problems. Made with a fabric consisting of 83% nylon and 17%, this quarter zip keeps you warm while you’re trying to play golf. So you can remove cold weather from your list of problems.

Apart from that, the fabric is designed to be super comfortable for golfers. It helps evaporate moisture from the body, so you can play golf all day without any discomfort. Since it is made for golfers, the quarter zip allows a lot of movement. U Suck At Golf understands that a golfer despises anything that affects his swing. For that reason, this quarter zip offers a free and full range of stretch or motion so that you can swing your club with the utmost convenience. With so many benefits, we believe that this amateur golf quarter zip is a phenomenal gift for any golfer.

2. The Drinker Hat


All golfers have a hat. If your friend loves to play golf, they must have a golf hat as well. However, they may not have this ultra cool hat from U Suck At Golf with their an embroidered patch logo. The Drinker Hat comes in various colors, for example, steel grey, black, light blue, and white. This makes the hat quite versatile because these colors would go well with any kind of golf outfit.

More importantly, the Drinker Hats are specially designed to be not only lightweight but breathable as well. This comfort makes sure that your golfing remains unchanged, if not better. To maximize the level of ease and comfort, the cap features a four way stretch sweatband that uses the Ultrafit technology. In order to give you a personalized fit, the cap features a classic snapback closure. Costing only $34.95, we believe that the Drinker Hat is a great gift.

3. PutterBall Game

PutterBall is of one of the few games that you can enjoy with your loved ones outside or inside your house. What’s more, even though it is a simple outdoor activity, people of nearly all ages can enjoy it. For those who are not familiar with the game, think of it as a combination of golf and beer pong. Being a mixture of two of the fun games ever, PutterBall is a great way to keep every single person involved engaged.

This PutterBall package comes with the whole game setup that includes 2 golf balls, 2 putters, 12 turf hole covers, and a portable turf board. The whole setup is portable, so you can play anywhere you want. Also, you can play it anytime; it is suitable for any event. You can even play it at a kids birthday party or with your adult friends.

Moreover, it is easy to learn, so people who say that they don’t know how to play golf can enjoy as well. All in all, the Putterball game is a big investment, but it is one of the best gifts a golfer can ever get.

Final Say

Each of the gift ideas mentioned above has the potential to be a great gift for your loved ones. However, these are only suggestions.

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