3 Indoor Games That Will Leave Your Children Asking For More

3 Indoor Games That Will Leave Your Children Asking For More

Entertaining the kids during the summer could easily be a full-time job. As parents, we certainly do love them, but it doesn’t make it easy! If you’re a parent, you know that kids have lots of energy to burn and having fun games in our back pocket can be helpful – especially when we’re stuck inside. Times have changed since earlier generations, with electronics becoming more and more popular as the go-to entertainment choice for kids. However, many parents are trying to limit screen-time for children while still keeping them engaged at home – not an easy feat!  Having fun games at home will help pass the time, build family relationships and also teach important skills they simply can’t master on an iPad.

We love indoor and outdoor games alike and we need both, especially during the summer months when the weather can be a bit unpredictable. Finding games that can be played indoors and outdoors is even better – flexibility is key for parents! We searched high and low for the best games for kids and made sure they were family friendly for all ages. If you’re looking for fun activities to keep your kids entertained at home, (especially during lockdown) then look no further - we have you covered!

Here are 3 indoor games you absolutely must try at home:

  1. PutterBall

PutterBall is a family-favourite and a classic game for families of all ages. It’s easy to play indoors or bring outside to enjoy some sun. It’s a popular choice for families because it’s easy to set up (and clean up), it’s fun for parents and kids alike, and it can easily be played indoors or outdoors – so you don’t have to worry about being rained out! This game has always been a family favourite because it’s not exclusive; adults and kids can learn easily and will have a blast doing so.  PutterBall can be packed up and taken to the next tailgate party or Barbeque and will always be a hit, especially among your golf-loving friends. If you’re wondering what exactly is PutterBall? Check it out here hint – it’s a combination of golf and beer pong and probably the most fun you will have with an outdoor game all summer!

  1. DIY Indoor Bowling

If you’re limited on supplies and eager to get a game going inside for the kids, this one is for you! Indoor bowling is easy to set up – all you need is some plastic drinking cups and a ball. Find your longest hallway and set the cups up like bowling pins. Roll the ball down the hall, and voilà -you’ve got yourself an indoor bowling game for the kids! This is an easy game to keep the family entertained indoors and is suitable for all ages. Be sure to clear away any breakables from the area to avoid any mishaps.  To up the ante – add a friendly competition or prize and assign one person as the “scorekeeper” – first person to get a strike wins a prize.

  1. Charades

Charades is an amazing indoor game for a rainy day! This fun game is great for all ages and can keep your family entertained for hours! If you’ve never played charades – get ready for some laughs because there will definitely be some entertaining acting going on during this one. This game is great for the entire family. If you’re having a summertime get together but are stuck indoors, charades is a great indoor game for all.  The basic idea is to create teams (usually 2-4 people per team) and one person will act out a word, phrase, or item without saying a word. The teammates have to guess what they are acting out, in the shortest time possible. You can pick different topics such as sports, TV shows, or movies.  Have a scorekeeper to track the time and a prize for the winning team. This is a great game full of friendly competition that will bring the family closer together!

When the summer weather doesn’t go as planned, having some fun go-to indoor games for the whole family is important. Indoor games that are easy to assemble, versatile, and great for all ages will make life so much easier when stuck indoors during a rainy summer day.  PutterBall has been a summertime classic for families all over because it can be played indoors just as easily as outdoors – and kids love it just as much as adults! Friendly competition between family members can ultimately bring a family closer and creating memories with friends and family this year is the silver lining we all need. If you’re looking for more fun ideas for your family barbeques, work parties or just inspiration for some fun games to play indoors or outdoors head over to our other blog posts here or check out the PutterBall game here if you’re ready to play!

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