3 Secrets to Throwing a Great Office Party

3 Secrets to Throwing a Great Office Party

Office parties can be great, or they can be miserable. To make your next office party a success, use our three secrets to throwing a great office party.


  1. Pick a date and time that works for as many people as possible.


If you’re throwing a party for your whole office, it’s important that your whole office is available to come to the party. Make sure you pick and date and time that works for as many people as possible.

One way to ensure that your party is well-attended is to hold the party during office hours or over a lunch break. If you announce the party’s date and time well ahead of time, you can help make sure that your coworkers won’t schedule meetings during the party.

Having an office party on a weekend may be tempting, but if you have your party outside of office hours you may severely limit the number of people who are able to attend. If employees have a long commute, they may not want to drive to and from work just for a party.


  1. Get food that everyone will love.


Choose a menu that everyone will love. Sometimes simple menus work the best. Foods like pizza or Chinese takeout are popular because so many people love them. If you’re having your party catered, make sure that the menu is one that will be enjoyed by as many people as possible.

Have a good selection of both snacks and sweets. If you have a variety of food options, your coworkers are more likely to find something they like. When you plan a party during a meal time (like at lunch or right after work hours), make sure your party plan includes a whole meal.

If you don’t have much of a party budget, ask coworkers what dishes or drinks they’re able to bring to the party. Providing the party food through a potluck can be a fun way to involve everyone in the party planning.


  1. Plan fun games and give away great prizes.


While free time to eat and talk with coworkers is good, it’s important to have activities planned for your party. Find games that will be both fun and competitive, and try to have at least one game that involves a prize. You can give away gift cards, chocolate, or other small prizes to incentivize participation.

Icebreaker games are good, especially if you have several new people in the office. Two Truths and a Lie is a popular one where a person tells three facts about themselves, but one of the “facts” is made up. Other players try to guess which item is false.

Putterball is a unique popular drinking game that has a golf twist. This unique twist requires players to knock golf balls into the holes on the board using a putter. ules for the game are similar to beer pong. You can play Putterball with two to four people. Putterball is the first game of its kind, because it combines two of the most famous games ever: golf and beer pong.

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