4 Fun and Exciting Holiday Game Ideas For This Year

4 Fun and Exciting Holiday Game Ideas For This Year

Holiday season is the best opportunity to create a bond with all your family members. Most of us get a break from work only on holidays. Therefore, you must set aside some of this time to make your relationships stronger. Also, it is a great way of breaking out of the monotonous, boring schedule of yours. Use this holiday season to make everlasting memories with your loved ones that you can cherish forever.

To make things a lot simpler for you, we have collected four of our preferred family holiday-themed games to help you get moving without a delay. Moreover, these games are carefully picked which can be enjoyed by people of all age groups. This is the right time for adding new holiday traditions. Additionally, these activities don’t cost a fortune. The three things that you require are creativity, energy and openness to fun.

1. Putter ball
If you want to engage every single one in your house, nothing is better than a challenging activity. Basically, putter ball is a mixture of two of the most exciting games–beer pong and golf. It is indeed the best game to get that adrenaline rush in your system.

All you need is a putter ball setup, which includes a portable turf board, standard mini-golf putters, golf balls, and turf hole covers. First of all, you need to make two teams and then decide which team goes first. After that, with each turn, the player must try to hit one putt. Each player gets a chance to make a putt. Once you have successfully made it, cover the hole to remove it from the game.
The players of the second team have a chance to redeem themselves by putting. There is also a rule in this game to break a tie. In such a case, only three cups are uncovered for both the teams. These four rules are known as honors, turns, redemption, and overtime.

2. Chess
Board games like chess are excellent for developing some crucial skills, such as decision-making, focus, handling pressure, and problem-solving. Furthermore, it can be a great brain exercise for all ages. Even though it is a complicated game, you can still involve your kids. Take this time to slow down from the hectic routine and indulge yourself in a friendly sport of this kind.

What’s more, you don’t need to be a pro to teach it to your kids. After several games, you will notice a huge difference in their attack strategies. In this way, you can improve your memory and concentration span as well. In addition to that, it is a long game that keeps boredom at bay for hours.

Chess is a game that is based on some essential strategies. With basic know-how of the positioning of the pieces, you can start playing it. Also, you can invite your friends over to fuel your competitive spirit with a thrilling match.

3. Classic Indoor Card Games
Turn off the digital screens and teach your kids the card games from your childhood. For instance, rummy, hearts, Uno, crazy eights, etc. are easy and gripping card games. One of the great thing about these games is that they are flexible. That's why you can adapt the rules for your child. In this manner, you have an entertaining indoor family activity.

On this account, gather your family around and let the fun begin. Card games are versatile and exciting. Thus, you can spend hours playing them. Besides that, they are enough to keep everyone occupied for the entire holiday season. If you like to stay indoors on your off days, you are definitely going to find endless joy in this activity.

The best part is that there is no right time when it comes to starting a card game. You play it whenever and wherever you want to.

4. Housie game
It is another type of board game that needs a few items. Because of its simplicity, it is immensely popular among people. The main objective of this game is to mark all the numbers given on a ticket. Every player has that sequence. In a winning pattern, any person who is first to mark all the numbers becomes the winner after verifying all the winning numbers. Hence, the winner is considered for Full housie.

However, there are countless ways to play this game. Some people like to bet a certain amount of money to make it more interesting.

Final Words
Nowadays, we get too little time to spend with the people we love. Because of technology, we often find ourselves stuck in the hustle and bustle of life. These activities are a perfect solution to fill the communication gap and start up fresh.

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