5 Creative Ideas to Keep the Kids Entertained This Weekend

5 Creative Ideas to Keep the Kids Entertained This Weekend

During the school week there is a lot happening – from homework, to appointments, to outside activities.  Keeping the kids entertained during the weekends on the other hand, that can be a challenge. As parents, we are always trying to be creative and bring fun activities into the house that don’t cost a lot of money and can bring hours of fun. If you’ve come here looking for fun activities for the weekend, we’ve got you covered!  We’ve brainstormed fun games and activities for the kids that you can easily be set up in your backyard or even inside your house. Most of these ideas have of the added bonus of giving the parents a little free time as well – it’s a win-win!

Here are 5 creative ideas to keep the kids entertained this weekend:

  1. Putterball Tournament

Having games that are entertaining for both the adults and the kids is a great way to keep things fun at home. Putterball is an easy game to learn that is fun for the whole family. If your kids love mini-putt, they will have a great time with Putterball. The game can be played in teams, and the basic idea is to make all 6 cups before the opposing team by putting the golf ball into holes. 

Having a tournament will give a little extra incentive, and friendly competition always makes it more fun! When the kids are done playing Putterball, the adults can have a tournament of their own. This game is fun for all ages and skill levels.

  1. Pack a picnic and enjoy some time outdoors

If your children are going back to the classroom this year, spending time outdoors on the weekend might be a priority. Being cooped up inside all day can make anyone a bit restless, but children especially! Pick a spot nearby to pack a picnic and enjoy the sunshine. Easy lunches and snacks will limit the effort of cooking a meal at home and bringing some fun outdoor games with you can lead to hours of fun. Putterball is a great outdoor game that can be packed up and brought with you as it’s super lightweight. You can also bring a frisbee and a soccer ball and you’re bound to have a relaxing yet fun day in nature.  Forget complicated activities and keep it simple, you’ll thank me later!

  1. Create an Outdoor Obstacle Course

Physical activity is so important for children, so we love the idea of creating an outdoor obstacle course. You can even set a timer and make it a race! Using items like hula hoops, chalk, and rope to go under can make the backyard feel like an entirely new space. Get creative with what you have available and get your stop watches ready!

  1. Put on a play

Creative arts might not be everyone’s specialty but as a kid, it sure is a lot of fun! Set up a theatre using cardboard and get your supplies ready. Encourage creativity as your children write, direct, and act in their own play! The sky is the limit – they can dress up, play music, and create their own at home theatre experience. Your children will be so excited to show you the performance they have been working on so grab your popcorn and enjoy the show!

  1. Set up a scavenger hunt

A scavenger hunt is such a fun activity for kids of all ages.  Gather up items or clues and begin to hide them around the house or in the backyard. You can come up with a list of fun items that they have to find, and create easy, medium, and difficult hiding spots (they will get 1 point for easy, 2 points for medium and 3 points for the really challenging ones!).  Give them each a piece of paper and a basket. As they move around the house and the backyard, they can place their new-found treasures into the basket and tally up their points. There can be a golden treasure at the end or even a small prize. 

Throughout the school year, children are faced with many challenges every day. Finding fun activities that gets them active and engaged at home is a great way to get the family together and enjoy each other’s company.  There are so many amazing games that can be played throughout the year that will keep your kids entertained on the weekend. Have fun with it!

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