5 Fun Summer Party Game Ideas

5 Fun Summer Party Game Ideas

The longer and warmer days of summer are once again upon us. This means it is time to spend more time outside. But whether you are planning a family party or a BBQ, your celebration may not be complete without a backyard game.

Nothing beats the pleasure of playing outdoor games on a warm summer day with friends and family. You get to be hot and sweaty but excited and refreshed at the same time. Luckily, you need not rack your brain for this one. We have selected some of the most fun-filled summer party game ideas for you.

5 Fun Summer Party Game Ideas For You

1.   Water Balloons

There is no better way to cool off on a hot summer day than with this water balloon game. This is one of those oldies but goodie games we can never get tired of playing in our backyards. What’s more? You can make it a water balloon fight or a balloon toss.

It is simple. With a water balloon fight, the idea is to hit the opponent with the water balloons. It is so fun you most likely wouldn't mind losing. While with a water balloon toss, the goal is to see which team can throw the balloon longest without actually making it pop. 

2.   Tug of War

This is an old-school classic that every guest in your summer party will scramble to relish. It is a great backyard game especially if you have a little crowd. Just provide the rope and watch this game bring out the competitive spirit in your guests.

However, ensure that the rope is one designed particularly for tug of war. This ensures that no one gets blisters in their hands. Likewise, go for ropes that are about 35feet long as this will help to give enough room for every team. 

3.   PutterBall

Another terrific summer party game idea is PutterBall. Ever imagined what a combination of beer pong and golf will look like? Don’t bother, Putterball is the amazing result. Whether or not you like golf, this game is a must-try this season. 

It is easy to learn and is great for people of all ages, whether old or young. It comes with a portable turf board, 12 turf hole covers, 2 standard golf balls, and mini-golf putters. Set it up on your lawn on a beautiful summer day and prepare to have the greatest fun of the season.

4.   Lawn Bowling

Bowling has always been a great game that bonds families and friends together. But this summer, even if you don’t have time to go to the bowling alley, we’ve got an amazing alternative for you. These lawn bowling pins and ball will transform your lawn into one.

You can play this with your kids or teens by simply setting it up on your lawn. You can choose to divide the players into teams or make it an all-man-for-himself game. The fun lies in attempting to take down the pins using the lightweight but gigantic-looking ball.

5.   Four-Legged Team Races

What’s funnier than watching a group of adults waddle together as they make a beeline to the finish line? Okay, let's rewind a little. A four-legged team race is also an old game that has now been recreated into this fun game.

It works by putting four adults or kids on a team of four each and lacing up their feet with the race bands. A finish line is chosen and each team works hard to get to it without falling over. Oops! Did someone just trip?


Hosting a summer party is never an easy feat. You have to invite your guests, plan the food, drinks, and music. This can be very tiring. But what makes it worth it is seeing your guests have fun. This is why we have rounded up these amazing summer party game ideas. Check them out and your summer party will never again be business as usual.

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