5 Ways to Improve your Golf Game

5 Ways to Improve your Golf Game

Golf is an amazing sport that can keep you fit while enjoying the outdoors. Golf can be a tricky game to master, but for many, the process of improving your game is half the fun. It takes practice to improve your golf game. For some it takes a few seasons to really improve your skills as a golfer. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional, improving your golf game might be on your radar this year. There are different strategies, techniques, and tips that can help you improve your golf game.  This list is certainly not all encompassing as there are so many methods you can use, however these 3 ways can improve your golf game and get you well on your way to a new personal best!

  1. Improve your putt with the Putterball game

If you are a beginner golfer that needs to improve your precision when you putt, the Putterball game is a great option. This fun backyard game is light and easy to set up. By playing the Putterball game every week, you will notice an improvement in your putt which will help your golf game in the long run. The best part about this tip (which is why it made the number one spot), is the amount of fun you’ll have while doing it. Putterball is meant to be played in teams and is an amazing outdoor game for friends and family to play together. Whether you are playing solo as a method to improve your golf game, or as a group of friends enjoying some fun outdoors, you are bound to enjoy every minute of Putterball.

  1. Hit the driving range

Practicing your swing will help your golf game immensely. Practice makes perfect, as they say! While it may not be possible to fit in an 18-hole game into your weekly schedule, spending an hour at the driving range more often, might be manageable and will bring a noticeable improvement into your game. As a golfer, practicing is the most important component and you won’t improve without practice.

  1. Stay in shape

Golf is a more relaxed sport to some but staying fit and in good physical condition can help your golf game. By maintaining good physical condition, you will find you have more endurance, a better swing, and a greater range of motion to play a good game. Make an effort to stretch your body and hit the gym when you can. Yoga is a great way to improve both strength and flexibility which will keep your body in prime condition for your next golf game.

  1. Choose the right set of golf clubs for you

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to golf clubs. Finding the right set for you is important. What may work for your friend, may not work for you. It is so important to have the right clubs. Even the best, most experienced golfer can have a bad game with the wrong set of clubs. There are different clubs for every skill level so ensure you do your research before investing. Make sure the clubs are the right size for you. As your game improves, you should look into getting clubs that have been fitted for you.

  1. Improve your form

Having good form is the key to a good swing.  It starts from the bottom up; having the right footing makes a significant difference. Before you swing, press your foot firmly into the ground. The foot that is directly behind the ball should be the foot that is pressed firmly, and it should feel anchored into the ground. If you are left-handed, that would be your left foot. Keeping that foot grounded will give you the strength needed to hit the shot and give you sufficient power all the way through – do not lift your foot too early! You also want to ensure your body and muscles are relaxed.  By gripping the club too tight you will limit your range of motion and slow your swing. For a longer drive, keep your grip light and relax the muscles in your forearms and fingers.

The moving target of a good game is part of the fun for every golfer. As golfers, we are always looking for new ways to improve our game and the goal is always changing. Having a good understanding of form will ensure you have a good foundation to improve your game. Practicing the precision of your putt with the Putterball game is a fun way to improve and can be done from your own backyard. When you combine these 5 tips you will undoubtedly see an improvement in your golf game. Most importantly, have fun and enjoy the process. Golf is a great way to reduce stress and a fun game to play outdoors, so why not enjoy it?

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