Backyard Games That Bring The Family Together

Backyard Games That Bring The Family Together

Are you wondering how to keep the entire family in a close-knit? Are your family relationships hitting the rocks? If you are in the stated predicaments playing games can help restore the laughter and smile in a member of your family. Playing releases oxytocin hormone, which affects human behavior. Read through this article to get games that you can consider for every member of the family. Also, if you are wondering if playing is necessary for a family, read the next section to clear the uncertainties

Why should a family play together

The list of reasons why a family should play together is endless. Below are some of them;

  • It helps exercise the body
  • Tighten relationships and connection
  • Removes the parental fear from the children
  • Can be a bridge of the kids to speak out their fears
  • Good use of leisure
  • It helps promote the sense of well being and relieve stress
  • Boosts mental creativity
  • Gives the feeling of energetic and young

Which backyard games can bring a family together?

 Getting to know the importance of a family playing together, let us see some of the games that you can consider. When choosing a game for the family, you should c0onsider the participant's interest.  You can ask them directly about the type of game they would love or else investigate their interests.

  1. Putterball

If I was to name a game that excites most people, it could only be putter ball. It involves two teams with a mat at the center. It is quite easy to learn; hence, even for the beginners, they will get along quite faster. The tools needed for this game include a mat or putterball board,  two putters, two golf balls, and twelve hole covers.  The putterball board is made of high-density foam and quite easy to carry around. It contains up to 6 holes and the covers to close the holes. 

"Honors" are used to determine which teams go first.  You can use the flip coin or let the ladies go first. Later the teams take turns to hit the puffs into the hole and closing the hole after it gets in.  The team that manages to get the six puffs into the holes is declared as the winner. However, the opponents can be given a redemption chance to put as many puffs as possible to the holes. It is an excellent replacement if you do not enjoy playing golf. Its playing area is quite small and can be perfect to bring the family together.

  1. Pass the ballon

It is quite a simple game that you will incur the expense of purchasing a ballon only.  The players line up in parallel lines a meter apart from the other team. At the end of the line, the player passes the inflated balloon under the legs to the next person. The cycle continues until the balloon reaches the beginning of the line. If you get bored, you can consider playing volleyball ballon by unanimously hitting the ballon up the air.

  1. Spikeball

Spikeball is a variation of volleyball. It is a low-budget sport, for it only requires a bouncy ball. It is recommendable for competitive souls. You can also consider it after a long, dull day or to keep the kids proactive. It accommodates two teams on the opposite sides, and in between is the net. Each team is allowed to hit the ball almost three times before getting it to the opponent's side. The ball should be held by the groups unless when serving. The team that fails to take the ball across the net is declared to have lost.

  1. Bulzibucket

The requirement of this game is a bucket and a hacky sack. Set the target bucket 15 feet apart and let the team stand behind the buckets. Each side throws the hacky sack into the target bucket. If the team manages, that is a point and loss otherwise. It is a recommendable game on a low-budget. However, if you are creative enough, you can also improvise the playing tools.


  1. Giant Jenga

The joy of this game is found in its suspense-filled nature.  The teams stand around the wooden arranged blocks. One group at a time tries to remove a block from the arrangement and place it at the top without disarranging the entire arrangement. In case the blocks get disarranged, the team losses. The requirement of this game is only the wooden blocks that can be bought or improvised. It tests the patience and gentleness of the parties. It can be played by both the kids and adults.

  1. Bottle bash

It is quite tricky but quite easy to learn. The requirements of this game are a Frisbee, two bottles, and holding poles. To set the game, arrange the bottles at 20 or 40 feet apart. Place the bottle at the top of the poles and let every team stand behind its bottle.  The playing group throws the Frisbee to hit the bottle while the opponents should catch the Frisbee and the bottle before it falls.  The team gets two points if they knock the bottle, one extra point if it falls on the ground and one more if the Frisbee hits the ground.

  1. Bocce ball

It is an outdoor game that accommodates up to two teams. One team throws a small white ball known as pallino towards the court. Later, each side throws up to 4 balls towards the court, intending to get closer to the Pallino as possible. At the end of the preset frame, the teams which are closer to the Pallino win. It is recommendable for people of all ages.

Final words

Among the things that you can consider keeping a closely-knit family, is occasionally playing games with them. Nonetheless, you should consider if the family members do love the game.  Among the games that you can play as a family is putter ball. It only requires a mat, two putter, golfballs, and hole covers. All the listed games are quite easy to earn, and the beginners will get along well.

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