COVID-19 + GOLF, Do they Mix? COVID friendly, Backyard Golf Game

COVID-19 + GOLF, Do they Mix? COVID friendly, Backyard Golf Game


Just like every industry, golf courses have felt the effects of this pandemic, known as the infamous Coronavirus. After a couple of weeks of being shut in, the magic of staying at home quickly wears off, and finding COVID-friendly activities is exhausting as well as limiting. COVID-19 has made everyone go a little stir crazy. We are missing simple everyday activities we once took for granted.

With cooler temperatures rolling-in across for golf paradises, playing a round of golf sounds like the antidote to this COVID blues.

With that said, local golf courses have begun announcing their re-openings. We had to check the email twice to ensure it wasn’t a joke. All to find out, they too have established a lengthy set of guidelines that included:

  • Must book a tee-time and pay online
  • There is now allotted times between groups teeing-off to help avoid close contact on the course
  • Stay home if you’re not feeling well
  • Maintain social distancing with other players and course workers in all areas of the course
  • No scorecards or pencils – the course suggests downloading and using the digital scorecard on their app - everyone using QR codes now
  • They are encouraging people to walk, as they are limiting just one person per cart
  • Ball washers, rakes, benches, and water coolers removed for safety

Like all businesses, they have gone to the drawing board and put thought into keeping people safe out there. All these safety updates are enticing us to grab our clubs and play! But we won’t. Supporting local businesses is always a great call, but we also know that now is not the time to take chances.

With that being said, enter Putterball. The COVID-friendly, backyard golf game that also requires you to be at least 6 feet apart to play. With all this temptation to play a course, we’ve been able to keep up our short game by playing the indoor/outdoor quarantine game. You may not risk going out to the course, but the alternative is not giving up golf completely. Allow Putterball to join the top of your list for favorite quarantine activities. Putterball is the golf meets beer pong game that you can hose off and clean before/after every game. 

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