Fun Outdoor Games for All Ages

Fun Outdoor Games for All Ages

With summer still with us, it is only natural to want to spend some time outdoors. Be it for some summer BBQs, garden parties, or backyard picnics, one thing is certain- it is a season of get-togethers with friends and family. Oh, and let’s not forget the kids too.

Playing some outdoor games, getting sweaty, and competitive all in a bid to outdo the opposing team, is one way to make unforgettable memories. Ready to find the perfect games for this? In this article, we show you a list of fun outdoor games you can play with adults and kids as well.

5 Fun Outdoor Games For All Ages

1.   Rubber HorseShoes

Almost everyone can relate to the classic game of horseshoes that added playful sparks to our childhood days. The typical game of horseshoes used to involve horseshoes made of metal. This mere detail, no doubt, is enough to make modern parents cringe with horror at its injury potentials.

However, the modern rubber horseshoes game is played the same way. But this one has a slight twist of rubber horseshoes as opposed to its previous metal make-up. The game requires you to place the rubber discs 40 feet apart. Then, you toss the horseshoe onto the pole and try to get a ringer or as close to the pole as possible.

2.   Giant Connect Four

If you enjoy games that require you to think on your feet, then this is the ideal game idea for you and your loved ones. It is a fun outdoor game you can play on a picnic, while camping, or during your home party.

It’s really simple to play as it involves each player taking turns to slide a ring into the game board. The aim is to attempt to get four of them in a row either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally while preventing others from doing so.

3.   Putterball

Nothing beats the fun that comes from watching everyone included during game time. Putterball is that one game that adults and kids can play together and still have fun. It is a game that ingeniously combines both golf and beer pong and is so easy to learn.

You can simply set up the putterball kit that comes with a portable turf board, mini-golf putters, 12 turf-hole covers, and two standard golf balls on your lawn. Succeed in putting your golf ball into the six holes of the rival team and you can joyfully take the trophy home.

4.   Giant Jenga

The fun fact about giant Jenga is its ability to accommodate multiple players. This game, also known as tumbling blocks is a fun outdoor game that boosts concentration skills for players of all ages.

It involves each player taking turns to remove wood blocks until the whole tower comes tumbling down. It then ends with the satisfying taunt the last player gets for removing the fatal block and losing.

5.   Inflatable Bowling

You and your family can take bowling to a  whole new level with a fun outdoor game of inflatable bowling. This outdoor game involves knocking over enormous pins with an equally enormous ball.

Just like typical bowling, the player who knocks over the most pins is the winner. Its cool deflating nature makes it portable and less space-consuming in your yard.


With proper planning, spending time with family and friends can be a lot of fun. This is why an outdoor game is a must-do during your family moments and get-togethers. Ready to have a swell time? These backyard games will certainly add that extra party spice everyone is bound to enjoy.

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