Fun Outdoor Games You Can Play With Your Kids.

Fun Outdoor Games You Can Play With Your Kids.

Children love to play! That’s a part of them that makes them so adorable. When it comes to bonding more closely with them as parents, an amazing strategy is playing fun outdoor games with them.

When our kids play games with us, they learn to build trust, effective interactive skills, and a healthy competitive spirit. Busy workdays might rob you of time to think up the best outdoor game ideas to play with your cuties. There's no need to overthink. We’ve highlighted a list of fun games to play outside with your kids.

5 Fun Outdoor Games For Kids

1.   Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek is a game as old as time, but never gets obsolete. Kids love to hide and seek out hidden things, hence making this outdoor game one of the fun outdoor games to try out. The concept of the game involves at least three players and doesn’t require any equipment.

One person becomes ‘It’ and counts to a certain number with eyes tightly shut. Once he or she is done counting, they set off to seek the hiders. This is one of the best ways to bond with your kids outside and not have to worry about your furniture being toppled over.

2.   PutterBall

Thinking of adding an extra twist to your regular old backyard games? Think Putterball! This terrific outdoor game is a fun mix of outdoor golf and beer pong. Concerned that your kids have never played golf before? Don’t worry. Putterball is easy to learn and designed for both young and old.

It comes with a compact turf board and two standard golf balls. It is also designed with 12 turf hole covers and mini-golf putters. It is so portable and can be set up anywhere in your backyard or lawn. Do this and watch the “Tiger Woods” skills on display in your kids.

3.   Parachute

This is a fun outdoor game suitable for you and your kids to play in the convenient space of your backyard. It involves a big round play parachute, which could come with handles that the players can hold at the edges.

You can just ruffle the parachute all the way up and down, run underneath it, or create air bubbles within it. This game improves team spirit and lets you and your kid get creative.

4.   Capture the Flag

This is one of the best outdoor games to play especially with large families. Turn your kids into team members by splitting them into two groups, each of them having a flag at their base.

The aim is to run into the other team’s turf, capture the flag, and run back into your territory. This game, which involves team members rescuing themselves from the enemy camp, improves the kids’ analytical thinking skills.

5.   Hopscotch

Take advantage of all that bubbling hyper activeness in your kids by getting them to hop around in a typical game of Hopscotch. By using some sidewalk chalk, draw out a hopscotch grid in your yard. Number all the squares from one to nine and get a good tossing rock.

The aim is to toss the rock into the first square, hop over the rock, then turn around and return, stopping on the second square. Again, you balance on one foot, pick up the tossed rock from square one and hop over it to the beginning. Then, repeat the process for each person’s turn.


Game time is always a fun time. Thankfully, you no longer need to travel for family vacations or summer camps before you can have fun with your kids. Right in your own backyard, you can bond with your kids and make memories. Ready to have an adventure? Check out these amazing outdoor games.

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