Get the Party Started With These 5 Awesome Patio Games

Get the Party Started With These 5 Awesome Patio Games

It's already warmer outside, and you fixed your backyard and patio for the warm season. Games are a fantastic way to spend your time outdoors with friends and family.

We are looking to have a patio activity, and you want to make it fun, not just for adults but for kids too. Here are some backyard party game ideas for your family and friends this summer.

1.   Bocce ball

Bocce ball, an easy and yet competitive game, is one of the best to enjoy with your friends and family any season in the backyard.

You will need a pallino, eight large balls, and one smaller ball to play the game.

The bocce ball player's goal is to have their ball land as close as possible to the pallino. You don't need any expertise or much effort to play the game. However, your blood may get boiling while you watch your ball land just next to the pallino and then start rolling several feet away.

2.   Crossnet

Crossnet is basically a volleyball game meant for four players. The best thing about crossnet is that you can play it on grass, at the beach in the sand, and anywhere in your backyard. It is even possible to play crossnet indoors, and it's easy to set up.

The crossnet comes with a set itself, a travel backpack, a pump, and a volleyball.


3.   Jenga

Who hasn't played the Giants stacking block tower or a Jenga in their life? It's primarily played in a bar setting. Now, it's possible to make the Jenga game in huge pieces making it an excellent choice for a sizable group.

Playing Jenga is very easy. Players take turns pulling blocks from the tower and loading it on top; the player that topples over the tower losses.

4.   PutterBall

PutterBall is an ideal patio game that's fit for every season. It's perfect for anyone without any experience or expertise with golf or those who claim not to enjoy golf.   

PutterBall is one of the fastest-growing backyard games in the US, and it has featured in top publications such as TopGolf, GoldDigest, and Golf Magazine.

The putter ball game combines mini golf and beer pong. It has a concept similar to golf corn hole. A player's goal is to attempt to putt their golf ball into the opponent's six holes.

Once a player gets the ball into the opponent's hole, it is covered, helping reach the other holes furthest back. The game includes:

  • Mini golf putters
  • Turf board
  • Hole covers
  • Two golf balls

The game is currently trending on all social media channels, and it's our top choice for any backyard party gathering.

5.   Corn hole

Corn hole is a classic arcade game that never gets old. Corn hole is a low-energy game for everyone, both young and old. You can play with a conversation going on and sipping your favorite beer simultaneously.

The game needs opposing teams of two or four players. To play the game, you need two boards.  The cornhole board is any raised platform with a hole (six-inch) in it.

Place the board 27" apart. A player from both teams lines up next to their board. The players toss their bags in an alternating manner until they finish all their bags. After throwing all the bags for the round, points are summed up. The next round starts from the opposite board, with opposing partner players tossing their bags interns.

Flipping a coin will help determine the team to throw first; the team that triumphed in the preceding round throws first. The game goes on until a team attains at least 21 points.

Please don't just scroll those summer days on your smartphone indoors this year. It's time to bring back the full enjoyment of the season's outdoor activities that we seem to have lost some years ago. Wait no more, round up your friends or family, get one of the above-discussed games, and let the enjoyment roll.

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