Hosting a Pool Party, Check These Popular Games

Hosting a Pool Party, Check These Popular Games

It's another summer. All indications show that this one is going to be really steamy and hot. A fantastic way to cool off is to relax in a pool while the sun scorches.

Here are some fantastic pool party game ideas for you.

1.   The PutterBall, a poolside game

PutterBall is a fun game to play outside the pool, either in the backyard or on the deck.

Think of putter ball as a mix of golf and beer pong. This golf version of beer pong is a must-have on your list of pool party games to try out with your family and friends this summer.

Everything basically remains the same as the classical beer pong. However, in putterBall, you don't throw the ball into your competitor's cups like in beer pong; you ensure a golf ball gets into your opponent's hole to score.

2.   A Float Race

No, it doesn't involve ice cream, although it's a fantastic summer fun game too. Anything inflatable is good enough to play floating races with-however, ensure it's large enough for a player to sit on it, and it can float.

With their floats, let team members form a line on opposite sides of the swimming pool. At the shout of the word "go," the first team (sitting on their floaters) races to the opposite end of the swimming pool. A player must remain on the floaters, for if they fall off, they have to start from the beginning.

3.   Pool Volleyball Game

Create the pitch by dividing the pool with a net; form two teams of players. Play ball should be in the pool.

The most fun thing about pool volleyball is that players don't get tired. There's minimal running around to hit the ball like in ordinary volleyball. However, jumping up in the pool to reach the ball and lobbing it back to the opposite side of the net can be both a challenge and fun.


4.   Sharks and Minnows

The fact that the sharks and minnows game is easy to learn, requires no equipment, and is great fun, makes it a classic pool party game.

One person assumes the role of a shark and starts at a deep end of the swimming pool. The rest of the players become minnows. All Minnows line up on the other side of the pool, opposite the shark.

The shark asks the minnows to swim across by saying, "swim minnows." The minnow must need the call, jump in the water, and swim across while ensuring the shark doesn't tag them. Any minnow that is tagged becomes the shark's helper must start on the shark's side. Any untagged player gets out of the water and lines up again on the other side. The process continues until no minnows remain untagged. The last minnow becomes the shark of the next round.

5.   Atomic whirlpool

Players line up in the pool in one line along the edge. Instruct everybody to start walking around the edge. Let them work for about 45 seconds. After working for 45 seconds, let them touch jogging, still around the edge of the pool, for another 45 seconds. After 45 seconds of jogging, instruct them to begin running. The water should have formed a strong current pulling the players along at this moment.

Finally, ask the players to stop running and attempt to work in the other direction. You will discover that it's not easy to work against the current, and that's where most of the fun is.

6.   Watermelon Push

This game needs two players, a whole watermelon and vegetable oil ( optional). The objective is for the players to move the watermelon to the opposite side of the swimming pool but using their heads only.

To Increase both the challenge and fun, you can grease the watermelon with vegetable oil beforehand. The fastest player to get the watermelon on the other side wins. You can also choose to play this game as a relay where team members move the watermelon back and forth across the swimming pool.

Summertime is already complete on here. Everybody is making several trips to the swimming pool to cool off. Your pool has become a busy place, and you need some great ideas for games you can play around and in the pool. The six game options mentioned above can be a fantastic place to begin. Enjoy your summer!

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