How To Keep Your Golf Game Sharp This Winter

How To Keep Your Golf Game Sharp This Winter

You work so hard to improve your golf game throughout the summer. With repeated practice and play during the warmer months, most golfers shave off a few swings and improve their putt over the season. Everyone knows that practice is necessary for a good golf game and unless you live in a warmer state with clear skies year-round, your probably lose your game over the winter season. Some golfers will take a couple trips down south in the winter to golf resorts, in order to maintain their game but due to current travel restrictions with COVID-19, that’s not likely to happen this winter. The good new is, there’s no need to throw in the bag towel just yet. There are several things you can do during the winter season to keep your game fresh.

Watch golf on TV

Not the worst homework you’ve been assigned, right? Watching others golf is proven to be an effective way of improving your golf game that. A method even the professionals use! By throwing on the Golf Channel you can gain tips and observe the nuances of the game. Watching a good game can be that extra motivation you need to keep up your game.

Practice your putt in your living room

Some say the secret to winning golf’s game is to be a great putter. That means sinking every putt with one swing.  Easier said than done though, as it remains the most challenging part of the game for many players. The PutterBall golf game can be easily set up anywhere in your home or you can easily bring it to a golf buddies house. Its ultra-light design makes it easy to transport from room to room and can be played alone or with a group. Consistent practice through the winter months will not only maintain your golf skills, but likely improve them.

Stay in Shape

A combination of holidays and bad weather can result in lower activity rates for most people. To put it bluntly, we can become very out of shape over the winter. This is why so many golfers are injured their first day back on the course. Keep your body in good shape and you will be ready when the season starts back up again. There are specific exercises and stretches master gold professionals swear by that include increased mobility, flexibility, balance and strength. You can work with a trainer or research these exercises online.

Use a Golf Simulator/ Indoor Driving Range

Not all cities are blessed with an indoor driving range, but if you are fortunate enough to have one around you – hit it up!  Work on those long drives and target your accuracy.  Some of these locations will even offer lessons.   An alternative to an indoor driving range is a simulated driving range or golf courses.  Some simulators have popular courses like Pebble Beach programed into the system.  There are also different skill-focused games, competitions and opportunities to test out different equipment. If money is no object, you could always drop serious cash on an in-home golf simulator as well.

Use Weighted Clubs

Weighted clubs are an excellent training tool used to improve timing and direction of your swim. Practice your swing and grip using weighted clubs for better consistency in your game.  If you have the space available, do this in front of full-length mirror to observe posture, grip and follow-through.


A tried and true method for many athletes, visualizing yourself playing a successful game is said to improve performance. So, when you are on the treadmill, keeping in shape, visualize yourself playing a course you are familiar with.  Image hitting those tee shots and sinking those putts. Don’t image yourself missing – the objective if to visualize success.

If you’re in a northern state and the seasons almost over, don’t put those clubs away just yet. Get yourself a PutterBall and visit a golf simulator a few times and you may find that when you are on that 18-hole next spring, you are better condition than when the previous season ended.

Photo by Tom Jackson from Pexels

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