How to Plan a Backyard Game Night: 4 Activities For the Fun-Loving Family

How to Plan a Backyard Game Night: 4 Activities For the Fun-Loving Family

Game night is one of the most popular family traditions in the United States. This is because it is a unique time to bond with family members and build forever memories together. So as Summer approaches, it is only natural to begin scouting for the best backyard games to play with loved ones.

Even if your soiree of choice is a BBQ or pool party, your summer hang-out is incomplete without having a backyard game night. They are the perfect climax to your picnic, party theme, or even 4th of July celebration.

So are you searching for the perfect backyard game night activity? Preferably, one that will lower stress and improve your cognitive functions. These classic backyard game night activities will definitely give you all these. Plus, some supersized dose of fun. So hop in, let’s take a look!

4 Best Backyard Game Night Activities For Your Family This Summer

1.   Putterball

Are you tired of playing the same boring backyard games over and over again? Putterball is here to save the day! This incredibly fun backyard game is a genius combination of beer pong and golf. Worried you have never played golf before? Save your breath. Putterball is easy to learn and perfect for all ages.

The fun lies in getting your golf ball into the six holes of the opposing team. Once this is achieved, the losing team gets a chance to redeem itself by covering the other parties six holes in one go. Success in this, ushers in an overtime play.

However, during the overtime play, only three cups are left uncovered. The team that first covers the three holes brings home the trophy. Try this game with a cold drink in your hand and get launched into the greatest fun of the century!

2.   Cornhole Set

Who doesn’t know this American tailgate game? This one right here is a great game for your next backyard game night. The Cornhole game is a game for people of all ages. It is easy to learn by both adults and kids. Making it perfect for your picnics, family gathering, and birthday parties.

Of course, there are several brands of the traditional cornhole game. But we are rooting for this one for some peculiar reasons. This Collapsible Cornhole Set is designed with foldable boards which allows for easy setup. It also comes with a compact bag that makes for easy storage. And guess what? Each board only weighs four pounds!

To play this, you need two players or two teams of two or more players. The two cornhole boards are set directly opposite each other in a distance agreed by both parties. Each team then tries to toss their bean bag to land on the opponents’ cornhole board. You gain a point when your bean bag lands on the board and three points when it flies through the hole.

3.   KanJam

This is the frisbee game taken to the next level. The Kan Jam game is a competitive and high-energy backyard game that will leave you refreshed and exhilarated at the same time. Whether you choose to play it with friends at the beach or in your backyard, the fun is all the same.

The Kan Jam game is a cylindrical-shaped drum with a slotted front, two flexible cans as well as an open-top. It requires minimal assembling, ensuring that you can begin playing your game in seconds. You only need two teams of two players each.

Even if your disc-throwing skills are rusted, the Kan Jam game will restore it in seconds. Each party takes turns in throwing or deflecting the Kan Jam flying disc. The aim is to hit the can or send it across the slot. The team that gets 21 points first wins.

4.   Bocce Ball

The Bocce Ball is a bowling-style game that can be played anywhere- so long as it is a soft surface. This means you can play it on your lawn, on the sand, or in the park. Though the rules may seem complex at first, relax. It’s only a matter of time before you begin to hit targets like a pro.

It is made of beautiful polyresin balls of four red and green balls each that are damage resistant. It also has one quaint Pallino white ball which is often referred to as “jack”. This Pallino ball is also the main target in a Bocce ball game.

Best played as a 2 on 2 games, the Bocce ball is kicked off when the first player tosses the Pallino into a distance. Each player or team then toss their red or green balls as close to the target as possible.


It wouldn’t make sense to scroll away on your phone with this magical summer weather on the horizon. Spending some quality fun-filled time with your family outdoors is a given. However, without the right activities, even this can be boring. But thanks to amazing outdoor games like Putterball and the rest, your backyard game night will be nothing short of fun. Be rest assured that you can never go wrong with these ones!

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