How To Play Putterball Game

How To Play Putterball Game

The name has it blatantly that beer pong golf is an amalgamation of the beer pong game and golf. The PutterBall beer pong golf involves golf balls, portable turf boards (two, with six holes each), golf putters, turf hole covers (12), and the players, of course.

A significant number of avid gamers are making a switch to the PutterBall beer pong golf. It's a perfect social distance-cum-stay-at-home game that keeps boredom at bay. If you're also looking to do the switch but with no basic knowledge getting started, you're in the right hands now. Learn the game in minutes and head for victory in your next first touch. Use this one-stop informer for all the basics and thank me later.

Who Can Play?

It's easy to freak out and pull away upon the mention of beer if you're not a fan. Be sure that only the name hasn't changed with the new version, the PutterBall beer pong golf. It doesn't have to involve drinking beer when the opponent hits the nail on the head; you can make it a burger, soda, or even points. Well, the point we're trying to drive home is that everyone can play the game, as long as they like it.

Unlike in the past, beer pong doesn't have to involve drinkers. Lately, it's permissible to tweak a few of the non-basic rules into what suits the players. Therefore, don't hesitate to head for the game's tools for you and your family. Feel free as the game is family-friendly.

How Many Gamers?

So how many of you are interested in playing? Will the game accommodate you all? Certainly, but in turns, if you're too many. A team of two individuals plays against another. If you have many friends, you can pair and game while the other pair of friends wait for a new turn. Otherwise, you can get another board to keep giving everyone a just chance in the game. Either way, it works, but the latter sounds better.

Only four people can play at a time (two in each team). The duration of each game depends on the accuracy of current players. The more spot on the players are, the less time it takes to complete a complete game cycle. So determine if you can always wait or purchase one to live with the fun forever.

Who Goes First?

You now understand that there are two teams involved in this game. Deciding on which one starts the game is quite important, and it has to be a fair affair. There are many ways to make it fair, some of which we explain below. Stay tuned.

1. Ladies First

This is the simplest way to start the game. If one team comprises ladies (or a lady and a gentleman), it becomes the first to start the game. This rule certainly can't apply if both teams comprise only men. If the team with a lady starts, the lady should start, followed by the mam, and then the other team.

While most people tend to agree with this starting strategy, others simply don't. We recently discovered that some people insist that the "ladies first" rule shouldn't apply to beer pong golf, and that ladies should play independently. On our side, however, we're of the opinion that it's one of the simplest and time-saving methods. If the ladies first rule applies during service, why not during a game?

2. Eyes

If you wish to make the starting process more fun (and fairer), the "eyes" rule (from beer pong) can be your best fit. No one thinks this can be a biased way to start because it involves pre-playing the game for the winner, who then starts the game.

Well, in "eyes," two players from opposite teams stand opposite one another, ready to putt their respective balls into a designated hole as agreed by them. For example, they may agree upon the first hole from the opponent's side. The gist of the rule is that while putting the ball, the players should maintain eye contact for even more fairness to be realized. If both players find the hole, the process must be repeated. If one finds it and the other one fails, the winner's team starts.

3. Tossing a coin

Tossing a coin is perhaps the most popular way to start a game. A third party has to be the one tossing the coin, while the two antagonistic teams guess the outcome. The team that guesses right takes the day.

There are more ways considered to be a fair start of the game. If you know about one, you can try it out and carry on with the game fairly as long as you enjoy the moment.

Playing The Game

Note: the PutterBall beer pong golf can assume all the rules (and versions) of beer pong, as long as the rules make sense. Otherwise, the ultimate goal is to successfully putt more golf balls than the opponent within a given time frame or putt all the balls first before the opponent. Here are a few comprehensive steps.

  1. The first team of players takes one turn to make the opponent's cups with one putt. A player can hit the ball from a maximum of a foot from his/her team's cups. If the player manages to make a cup on the other side, a turf hole cover is used to seal it. The cover should always fit the hole perfectly so that the ball rolls over it without a hitch.
  1. When a team makes all the opponents' holes, the opponent team has time to redeem itself. Redemption involves each player in the other team getting a chance to putt as many balls as he can without fail. When s/he fails, the partner carries on with putting till fail. If they manage to putt all the holes, the game's winner is decided in extra time. If not, the first team wins.
  1. In extra time, both teams return to putting, but this time, only the three cups at the back are aimed at. Here, the winner is the first team to putt all the three—no more extra time.

The Bottom Line

PutterBall beer pong golf is an interesting game that makes a perfect leisure partner. While rookie golf players will find it handy in helping them achieve expert golfing skills, others will find the game quite entertaining and engaging. You now have an idea of how to play it. Go ahead and challenge friends and relatives!

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