How To Turn Your Backyard Into A Game Park For Kids

How To Turn Your Backyard Into A Game Park For Kids

For our kids, summer is one of the best seasons of the year. It is a period when they can spend more time outdoors as they play and explore their surroundings. For parents, this season presents a golden opportunity to make more memories with our kids while ensuring that they have a terrific summer experience.

But then, no matter how much we may want to, we obviously cannot take our kids on summer vacations or to the beach every day. Thus, when they become antsy, turning your backyard into a game park may be your only solution

Thankfully, you need not break the bank to get this done. Many backyard games are available to help you achieve this. We have therefore selected these four incredibly fun backyard games for your kids. Be rest assured that these games will surely delete the phrase “I’m bored” from their lips.

4 Games That Will Turn Your Backyard Into a Game Park For Kids

1.   Soccer Set

No other game will best turn your backyard into a game park than the Little Tikes Easy Score Soccer Set. This game promises all shades of fun for your kids as well as teaches them the rudiments of the great game of soccer. It also improves their social skills, coordination, and motor skills.

It comes with one goal net, a pump, and a kid-sized soccer ball. So don't worry if your kid is yet to learn how to kick a ball. This Soccer Set’s kid-sized ball is perfect for all kids over two years old. All these are portable and easy to set and dismantle in minutes.

Another icing on this cake is that you need not teach your little one how to play this game. The rules are pretty simple- get that ball into the goal net at all cost. Hence, it is the perfect game to keep your kids busy in the backyard and active throughout the summer.

2.   Adjustable Basketball Hoop

With this amazing basketball game, your little one need not wait till they grow taller before they can enjoy their favorite sport. Are the clouds threatening to cry? Don't worry, this basketball game can be played both indoors and outdoor, thanks to its built-in wheels.

One of its fanciest advantages is its adjustable basketball hoop. This feature allows you to adjust the height from about 6.5 feet to about 8 feet. The implication of this is that this game will also grow as your kid grows. Likewise, it is made with weather-resistant materials which allow it to last for as long as you want it to.

Also, this game is designed with a strong base and a high-quality basket that you can fill up with sand or water. Worried about your kid's safety? The Adjustable Basketball Hoop is certified by ASTM and CPSIA. Hence, it is not only safe for your kids but also promises a great deal of fun for them.

3.   Cricket Set

With increase interest in this British originated game, Cricket is now the fastest growing sports hobby in North East of the US. This Cricket set contains all that your burgeoning cricket player needs to enjoy a cool cricket match. It is one of the ideal games that will turn your backyard into a game park for kids. With this one, your child gets to perfect their skills in the game all from the safety of your backyard!

Despite the numerous Cricket Sets available, we are pitching our tent with this one because of its amazing features. It is designed with a lightweight plastic fabrication that makes it weather-resistant and durable. It also spots two bats, one small softball, and one set of stumps.

Its carry bag is portable and can be stored anywhere. It also comes in assorted colors of red, black, and yellow and can be played anywhere. What more can you ask for when this classic backyard game also improves your child's balance, hand-eye coordination, and motor skills.

4.   Putterball

Surprise your little ones with the Putterball game and win the best Mommy of the year. Who says your kids can only play golf with clubs on the golf course? This game presents you with a new and exhilarating golf game that your kids can play in your backyard!

Often played by two players or two teams, the target is to be the first to play all six putts on the opponent's side. If successful, the other side gets a chance to do the same all in one go. Putterball is made of a high-density green carpet with twelve holes of six on each side. It also comes with two putters, two golf balls, hole covers, and a carrying bag that allows for easy storage.

Putterball has been featured in some of the best sports magazines such as Forbes, GolfDigest, and the New York Post. It is suitable not just for adults alone, but for kids too. With thousands of five-star reviews, this one is our number one pick of the best games that will turn your backyard into a game park for kids.


To keep your kids engaged this summer, watching TV and playing indoor games will not cut it. Besides, the summer weather is too magical for that. So are you searching for how to turn your backyard into a game park for kids this summer? Outdoor games like Putterball are all you need. So hurry now and click away.

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