Ice Breakers and Indoor Games for Better Workplace and Team Building

Ice Breakers and Indoor Games for Better Workplace and Team Building

In a corporate world where only 24% of workers feel any connection to their peers, isolation can hinder your company's success. If you want your company’s culture and employee relations to be stronger and more connected and have it fuel by a team of employees that enjoy a strong professional bond, then team-building exercises are fantastic ways to do this.

While these strong bonds and heightened team camaraderie don't happen right away, having ongoing and professional interactions regularly is your best bet. One way to do this is with ice breakers and indoor games. This can build a better and healthier workplace that will fuel your company's success for a long time.

Here are some reasons to use them in your company:

  • They're fun, not to mention, they are a great way to break up the monotony of the day.
  • They can help break down any barriers between your employees.
  • They make a fantastic way to kickstart a meeting or those unbearably long training sessions.
  • Communication between employees becomes more robust and easier.
  • Interactions are encouraged and would take place when it usually wouldn't in a regular workday.

Fun Icebreaker and Indoor Games for Your Employees to Enjoy

  • Two Truths and One Lie: Gather your employees up, especially the new ones, and have them come up with two things that are true about themselves and one false. Each employee will present this information, and it's up to the others to see which one is life.
  • PutterBall: While generally reserved as a fun backyard game for families, PutterBall has quickly become an office mainstay and indoor game for numerous companies in their team-building efforts. It's like a portable mini-gold set that you can use to make the workday fun or break up a training session. The object is to make all six cups before the opposing team. This can make for some fierce competition and strengthen employee bonds. This game includes:
    • PutterBall portable turf board
    • Two standard mini-golf putters
    • Two golf balls
    • 12 turf hole covers which you can use to add different levels of challenge to your team-building efforts
  • The Scavenger Hunt: Many people have seen the Amazing Race, and though this won't be as extreme, an old-fashioned scavenger hunt can make for a great icebreaker, build some competitiveness, and see your employees cheering each other on. They can be done in the office building or even virtual with an awesome prize for the winning team.
  • Charades: This is a popular go-to and a classic that will prove there's never a dull moment. It's all about acting. Let your employees break out in an oscar-winning performance as they describe an object, book, movie, or a person using only their acting skills.

Team building can be challenging as employees may be wary of why it's being done. Developing a thriving and robust employee culture takes time, and using icebreakers and indoor games regularly is a fantastic way to start. This will not only strengthen your company, but it'll also see better employee relations and an overall happier work environment.

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