Indoor Golf Practice: The Best Solution for Your Winter Blues

Indoor Golf Practice: The Best Solution for Your Winter Blues


No matter how cold the winter season may get, it can do nothing to diminish our love for golf. After all, nothing compares to the exhilaration of striking a great golf shot. The only challenge is the freezing temperature and the snow-covered golf course.

However, this is no reason to shelf your clubs away until the next spring. We’ve got the solution for your winter blues. In this article, we provide you with four important indoor techniques and drills that can help to improve your golf game. 

Four Indoor Golf Practice Routines For Your Winter Blues

1.   Improve your grip and swing

The steadiness and consistency of your grip can go a long way in improving your swing and your game in general. While we wait for our beloved springtime, this season is an opportunity to practice having a strong grip. You can begin by assessing your current grip.

Find out if it works perfectly fine for you or if it needs to be improved. A good way of knowing this is by standing in front of a full-length mirror. You can then grip down on your club and take a full swing. Monitor your positions and use the feedback to make the necessary adjustments.

2.   Practice your putting

No matter how great a golfer you are, when you suck at putting, you will end up always losing valuable points. This winter season is therefore a great time to improve your putting skills. You need to practise and maintain a consistent putting habit in order to boost your scoring.

The good news is that you can do this anywhere, irrespective of whether you’re living in a studio apartment or in a spacious home. You can practice your putting on any hard surface such as bathroom tiles, hardwood floors, carpets, etc.

3.   Work on your flexibility and rhythm

Although your physical conditioning alone may not improve your golf swing, it can make you less susceptible to game injuries and help you play the game better. A loose muscle and strong body help you to swing the golf club more comfortably and easily.

So work on improving your strength, flexibility and rhythm. You can do this indoors by stretching and walking as often as you can. This can be done in the shower, at your desk or during your morning walk. Doing this will helps to awaken your muscles and prevent them from getting tired during the game.

4.   Practice with PutterBall

With Putteball, you can enjoy the unique thrill that comes with playing golf and also get a chance to improve your golf skills. PutterBall is a unique game that combines beer pong and golf. It is perfect for people of all ages and can be played both indoors and outdoors.

You can play this game with a partner, or you can play in a team. The main target is to get your golf ball into your opponent's six holes. When this feat is achieved, the losing team gets another chance to do the same thing, but all in one go. Where they fail at this, the player or team that first covered the opposing team's six holes takes the trophy home.


No doubt winter can be a discouraging season for most golf lovers. However, when we can no longer play outside, a lot of techniques and indoor games exist to help us practice and enjoy a golf game right inside our home. The above indoor golf practice routines and the game PutterBall are a great solution to your winter blues.

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