PutterBall - Your Ultimate Golf Putting Game Partner

PutterBall - Your Ultimate Golf Putting Game Partner

Beer pong golf is certainly a thing for every zealous gamer. Playing it knows no boundaries, as you can enjoy it just anywhere you deem fit, with anyone. All you need is the best set of tools, a little space, friends, some drinks, and you're done.

Wait! You're not done yet.

You got to make the best choice of the brand of a set of tools that won't ever let you down, and that can be daunting. Yes, you always need to go only for the right brand — or you fall victim to wasted purchase. We hope you won't take the latter.

Well, there are beer pong golf games, and then there's PutterBall. We're not saying it's a different game, but something special sets it apart from the other brands, and that's what you need to learn today. We're ready to offer you the information at the cost of your attention. So, go over this piece carefully, and you'll get

What Is PutterBall?

For quick understanding, it's your unrivaled brand of the beer pong golf game — your best brand of beer pong golf.

PutterBall is fun for all ages and skill levels, both indoors and outdoors. You'll love the durability, ease of use, and cost-effectiveness of its set of gaming tools. What's more, myriads of players confess that the game is quite interesting with PutterBall. Read the reviews and ratings on GolfDigest.

The Tools

You need a pair of putters, golf balls, a portable putting green, 12 holes, and 12 hole covers to play the beer pong golf. PutterBall comes with all these, plus more, to make the game complete and thrilling for you and your friends. Let's take a look at the tools' specs below.

The PutterBall Putting Green board comprises top-rated quality foam that guarantees to live decades after decades. You can always walk or stand on it without causing any harm. Its lightweight design makes it portable; hence, suitable for use just anywhere you desire. The travel bag that ships with PutterBall will make it even easier to take the 13-pound putting green and the other tools in the set with you.

When folded, the PutterBall board occupies a space-saving 5.8 square feet (measures 2.9 by 2 feet). When unfolded in readiness for the game, it will occupy 24 square feet (12 by 2 feet). 

The whole set of gaming tools by PutterBall weighs only 16 pounds. It helps to know that the set includes:

  • Two golf balls (with PutterBall logo).
  • A pair of durable putters for both left and right-hand golfers (31 inches length).
  • The aforementioned 12-hole tuff board.
  • 12 hole covers (used when a hole is made).

This set retails at a meager price despite the myriads of features. Purchasing it comes with a 30-day return guarantee and an additional 15-day satisfaction guarantee. That's an indication that even the manufacturer has confidence in its quality. It's a win-win for you and your friends.


  1. Setting It Up Is a Cinch

You neither need advanced skills nor a ton of experience to set up the board and start using it. The DIY set-up process takes a matter of seconds and only involves unfolding the boards.

  1. Easily Portable

As earlier said, there are no limits to where you can play beer pong golf with PutterBall. The whole set is portable, and the travel bag that it comes with makes taking the tools with you seamless. Carrying 16 pounds doesn't break a bone.

  1. Easy and Fun To Play

You don't need a whole day or week to learn how to play with PutterBall. It only takes accuracy and mastery of a few basic rules, and you're done.

Two players (or two teams of a pair of players) compete to make the opponent's holes. There are six holes to make for each player/team. There are rules to determine who between the teams/players should go first to start the game. The starting team/player fights to make all the opponent's holes, failure to which the opponent takes a turn. Whoever comes first in making all the holes is the winner. A draw results in extra time.

The game can always assume the rules of beer pong or a bit of tweak as decided by the competing players. You have a user manual with the whole set of rules that the game can assume. The choice is yours.

  1. Perfect For Budding Golfers

Since it's easy to play, rookie golfers won't struggle much learning the processes and rules. Moreover, the rules aren't too many to master, and PutterBall comes with a user manual. What else does a newbie need for a start?

  1. It's A Perfect Family Game

You can play this game with any member of your family without a hitch. Please note that you don't have to abide by the rule of taking some beer when a hole is put; you may use other beverages instead. With smaller putters available for kids, the game takes care of every family member. So, spend your Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, and other holidays with family in style with PutterBall.

  1. Retails At A Low Price

Don't break the bank for beer pong golf. Purchase PutterBall at the lowest price than any other brand you'll ever bump into anywhere in the market. While you save your wallet, you get the highest quality of materials with unparalleled durability.

The Bottom Line

Change for the better by paying less and getting more with a PutterBall beer pong golf brand. With the advantages, features, disadvantages, and other details about it honestly described above, you now know it better, and we believe that purchasing one is your next plan. If you love it, don't hesitate to add it to your shopping cart — meanwhile, receive our happy shopping wishes, pals.

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