Stress Buster Games: 3 Ways To Beat Stress Without Breaking A Sweat

Stress Buster Games: 3 Ways To Beat Stress Without Breaking A Sweat

Stress and anxiety are two very inevitable hazards of life. They can come through any means, be it the workplace, classroom, or even the home. While we have no say about the circumstances we may face, however we can control how we react to them.

So are you searching for the perfect stress buster game that will help relieve your mental pressure? Do you want a fun and engaging backyard game you can always play with friends and family? We've got your back! These three stress buster games are what you’ve been looking for. Check this out!

3 Stress Buster Games You Must Have

  1. PutterBall 

Whether or not you have played golf before, the PutterBall game is the perfect stress buster game for you. It is a phenomenal game that combines beer pong and golf. The result is a revolutionary golf game that is easy to learn and can be played anytime and anywhere. 

The goal is to get your golf ball into all six holes of the opposing team. Once a player or a team achieves this, the losing team gets another chance to cover the six holes of the winning team in one go. The leading team takes the trophy home if they miss any chance. 

This terrific stress buster game is one of the rapidly-growing backyard games in the US. It is also trending on different social media platforms and has been featured by some of the best publications. Hence, it is our first choice for the perfect stress buster game.

  1. Connect Four

Another great stress buster game is the Connect Four game. This was originally an indoor game but has now been transformed into a giant outdoor game that you can play with friends and family. It is fun and engaging and is often played by two people.

In this game, the two players choose their preferred color and take turns to slide their colored disc into the connection board. The idea is to first get four of your discs together either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. This is also while keeping your opponent from doing the same.

  1. Jenga Game

Also known as tumbling blocks, the Jenga game is another terrific stress buster game you must have. Unlike the Connect Four game, it can be played by multiple people. It was invented in 1983 and has since been testing the hand stability of people of different ages.

The rules of the game expect each player to carefully remove a single block from the tall tower. The removed blocks are carefully balanced on top of the tower by each participant. This continues until it finally collapses at the hands of the player that withdraws the fatal block. 


Are you becoming uncomfortable with your increasing stress level? Fret not! Many stress buster games are available to calm your nerves. Amazingly, games like PutterBall not only relieve your stress but also gives you an incredible dose of fun. Want to have this one? You know what to do.

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