Summertime Favourites: Why you need outdoor games at your next event

Summertime Favourites: Why you need outdoor games at your next event

One of the best parts of summer are the summer gatherings; backyard barbeques, impromptu get-togethers, block parties and birthday celebrations!   There is nothing better than gathering with friends and family on a hot summer’s day - cool drink in hand and burgers on the grill!    After a global lockdown through cooler months, often missing our family and friends, these simple pleasures enjoyed in your own backyard or local park mean so much more now.

Outdoor games have been a summertime favorite for centuries.  There is evidence of ancient cultures playing lawn-bowling and cornhole type games.  This activity has stuck around for a reason!  All guests have a great time playing so it truly is fun for the whole family. If you’re playing a game like PutterBall, you’re guaranteed a good time.

For each event you host, I’m sure you spend lots of time planning your guest list, the menu, the drinks you will offer and maybe even the décor and invitations.  Have you considered the entertainment?  Games?  This is a sure-fire way to step up your next event!

7 Reasons Why You Need Outdoor Games at Your Next Event

  1. Get to know one another

Your guests may not all know each other and walking up and introducing yourself can feel uncomfortable and unnatural.  As the host, you want your guests to get to know one another and enjoy themselves.  Outdoor games are the perfect way to bring your guests together, laugh, chat and play. 

  1. Takes the pressure off the host

Let’s be honest, hosting an event can sometimes be stressful.  You can feel pulled in multiple directions – preparing the food, refilling drinks, entertaining and attending to guests.  When you have outdoor games it takes the focus off you. You can play a quick round of PutterBall then pop back to the BBQ or kitchen while your friends compete in the next match. 

  1. It’s FUN for everyone

We all want our guests to have a good time!  There is a lot going on in the world right now and we all need a mental break. These moments of play are important and often don’t happen often enough.  Provide your guests the opportunity to pause the conversations on politics and currents events and just have FUN!  Most outdoor games, including PutterBall, are great for guest of all ages and require no previous experience or skill level.

  1. Keeps us in the present moment

It’s really hard to focus on next weeks work deadlines or that running to-do list when you are lining up your next putt.  Outdoor games help keep us in the present moment.  As the saying goes, the present moment is a gift so why not give the gift of an outdoor game!

  1. It’s affordable

Outdoor games are an affordable way to spice up your next event without breaking the bank. Think of what it would cost you to have a live band, magician or dancers? It would cost a lot more than Putterball. If you hired dancers for your next event that is just a one-time deal. When you purchase a quality outdoor game you can use it for years to come.

  1. Creates traditions

Do you like to host at least one summer event a year? Why not make it extra special and center it around a fun annual tournament? Your Annual PutterBall Tournament could be that one event everyone looks forward to each summer.  Events like these can really take on a life of their own with funny trophies, prizes and t-shirts to commemorate the event.

  1. It’s memorable

Whether its your annual PutterBall tournament or your summer birthday party, having outdoor games at your next event makes the event memorable. Bonding with loved ones and enjoying the beautiful weather with a fun game will help create memories that last.

If you aren’t hosting your own event there is a good chance you will be attending one this summer. Bring an outdoor game with you! It will be appreciated by both the host and other guests and you will reap all the same benefits listed above.

Due to the coronavirus many venues are closed. People aren’t going to bowling alleys, pool halls or playing laser tag.  As a result, we are getting creative at home and enjoying our summertime favorites in our own backyard. All you need is one great game that you can bring out at every event or gathering. You don’t need to have a new game for each event, in fact, your guests will look forward to testing their skills and improving their putt each time they come over.  You will never have to think of how to entertain your guests again when you have your own game of PutterBall. The best part is – PutterBall is light, easy to pack, and it’s a game you can easily bring to any Barbeque or outdoor party. 

There is a reason it has thousands of 5-star reviews! If you want to learn what it’s all about – check it out here.

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