The Benefits of Playing PutterBall

The Benefits of Playing PutterBall

Beer pong leagues have gone up in the world recently, while golf already enjoys global adulation. So what do you think of a combination of the two? A soul-stirring game, of course. If you haven't heard it yet, Golf Beer Pong is the new exhilarating game that has proved its worth among enthusiasts, especially recently when staying at home has been the order of the day.

You'll be surprised at the game's surging uptake rates, with PutterBall leading on the list. PutterBall is to say, "the best beer pong golf game brand." While it's easy to infer that the gush in PutterBall's uptake is "indeed because it's a perfect stay-at-home game," there are countless reasons behind that valid guess. In this article, we share the benefits of playing golf beer pong with you with a focus on PutterBall. Without further ado, let's go.

1. It's A Perfect Social Game

To play PutterBall, you should find an opponent. Friends, relatives, workmates, and acquaintances make a good list in this case. While at it, you people get to chat, make fun, compete, and that's what it means to be social. "All games seem to promote social life, but PutterBall takes it to another level — because it's playable even at work," says successful and experienced employers.

At home, it strengthens the bond between siblings and their parents. When siblings also invite their friends, it gets even more social. Always feel free to ask anyone for a challenge. The food part is that no special skills are required as the game is easy to learn but impossible to master.

2. You Get To Exercise And Improve Alertness

Exercise is a sure thing to reap from any game that involves force and distance; we hope you understand. When you play beer pong golf, you work out your hands, legs, waist, and other body parts. In doing so, you reap such benefits as burning calories, improved mental health, and the myriads of others as listed by scientists.

When you keep track of scores, weigh up the risk of playing, and do other things that pertain to playing safe, you improve your alertness. It gets even better when the opponent is more challenging. This way, you also get to boost your creativity, which translates to improving your mental health.

3. It Involves Reduced Physical Risks

Putting is a low-impact game that doesn't strain your hands, legs, waist, and other body parts. That's why you'll always bump into older people playing it at the beach. Consequently, it doesn't result in long-term muscle and joint stress like rugby or football.

Moreover, putting the ball doesn't need a hard hit. The PutterBall mat is only 12 inches long, which requires only a little hit force for the ball to travel across. Unlike in such games as cricket and a typical golf game, there is little or no chance that the ball can hit you. If there is, the impact is negligible.

4. Playable With Family

 Too many games often limit players to challenging only their peers — either since they're too challenging to learn — or because they aren't family-friendly due to their nature. While you may find it hard to drink some beer amid the game with your children, the beer "rule" isn't mandatory. You can always replace it with juice, water, a munchable, or even points — the decision is upon you. 

What's more, putting is suitable for all ages, and PutterBall makes it even better by providing you with adjustable clubs. That means you can always customize long clubs to suit your toddlers' height so that they also get to participate in the game. This is one of the chief reasons that make PutterBall surge in sales.

5. It's Perfect For Budding Golfers

If you're on the path of perfecting your golfing skills, you better start playing beer pong golf. It helps you hone your accuracy while keeping you close to expert golfers (because they also love playing this game). Plus, when you're always close to clubs, golf balls, and the putting green, you also get used to holding the tools, which makes you more accurate and experienced.

PutterBall is also a cheaper way to play golf in your early stages. Traveling to the golf field each day for the training (especially if the proximity doesn't favor your wallet) can be expensive and time-consuming. Moreover, it may not be possible if you have no wiggle time between your daily tasks. However, with PutterBall, you can train even at work, at home, and anywhere else you love.

6. PutterBall Sees You Paying Less For More

Compared with other brands, PutterBall saves you a great deal of money. It retails at a low price despite coming as a full set. You get two golf balls, two PutterBall putting clubs, a foldable PutterBall-branded putting green, a travel bag, and twelve green hole seals. What's more, all the tools come with a warranty and quality assurance guarantee. You'll rarely find such an offer with other beer pong golf brands.

7. You Can Play It Anywhere

The whole set of PutterBall comes in a single and compact travel bag that's convenient to take with you just anywhere. Weighing only 16 pounds, the collection can be your companion to the job, beach, or anywhere else you love.

You also need only a small space to play beer pong golf with PutterBall. The putting green needs a small area of 2 by 12 feet to sit on, and you can always stand on it while playing. The game doesn't also require much of your time, as you can complete a round in only ten minutes. That's why you can play it anywhere; during break time at work, at home, and more. Nothing stops you!

The Bottom Line


If you've been looking for genuine reasons to add PutterBall to your list of thrilling home-based games, you now have plenty of them. Despite being in the public domain, the benefits have been substantiated by expert enthusiasts and doctors, not to mention our team of gurus. If you think you need to join the list of those reaping from PutterBall, you know what to do.

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