The Best Choices For Backyard Games This Summer 2020

The Best Choices For Backyard Games This Summer 2020

With the Coronavirus (aka Miss Rona as I like to call it) still in town, our place of solace becomes the backyard. These days, the backyard has turned into a shapeshifting angel. It accommodates any setting that brings us relief and comfort. In effect, we are snatched from the bosom of boredom that threatens our sanity. In the backyard, you probably have set up a grill or a mini pool for the kids or a jacuzzi.

You could have taken it further to set up a camp in the yard with family members. I mean, with your tent, marshmallows and a couple of other things you're already camp ready! You did everything you could in the backyard over the past few months, depending on how big it is. And we had all hoped that the quarantine would be over before Summer. We even drew up a bucket list of things to do this Summer. Now, Summer is upon us! But here we are, still stuck indoors.

Well, don't lose hope. You can still get that perfect Summer. But you would need a different bucket list. So, start by upgrading your backyard to make it suitable for family summer activities. Yes, you can't go out to the beach and enjoy the summer sun with friends and random strangers. But you can bring the entire summer vibes to your backyard with cool backyard games.

So, you won't be needing a Summer body this Summer! What you need is on Amazon and other online stores! You need a backyard game! Luckily, there are too many backyard games on the market. But choosing one or a few games to buy can get confusing. Don't worry! We take you through a list of the best choices of backyard games that you can explore this Summer. Keep reading as we help you transform your backyard into a gaming hub!


5. Chess and Checkers

Are you a fan of chess? Yes? You can take this game beyond being just a board game to a lawn game where everyone can watch. With a jumbo chess set of your choice, you can spend quality time with family members. What's more interesting about this game of chess is that both kids and adults can play.

If you're a parent, don't allow the brains of your children to rot because of too much screen time. Instead, boost their IQ with a backyard game of chess this Summer. The benefits of chess, especially backyard chess, are numerous. For starters, you'll help your kids improve their problem-solving skills. Problem-solving skills are important to thrive in today's labor market. So, engage your children and family members! You can also do DIY chess with the use If a huge checkered cloth.


4. Cross net 4-Square Volleyball Net and Game Set

There's a fun way to spend Summer in the backyard, and it's with a cross net 4-square volleyball net? Interestingly, this net fits anywhere. For instance, you can set it up in the pool or on the ground. It all depends on your preference and what you have. The manufacturers divided this net into four equal squares.  It takes one person in the squares.

Whether or not you're a fan of volleyball, you would surely enjoy this game. You can bond with almost anyone over this game. You can play this game with your family. As a result, it could strengthen weak bonds among family members. Another fascinating fact about this net is that it is easy to set up. You can take it down easily. So, within minutes, you'll be through with setting it up. This backyard game offers a fun way to ease boredom. It adds a spark to your Summer. The net is also lightweight, hence easy to carry.


3. Inflatable Bowling Game

How about a giant bowling game? Sounds good? Okay, good! If you're a fan of bowling, you must have missed your frequent trips to the bowling center. Don't worry! You can bring the bowling center to your backyard. All you need is the inflatable bowling game set. As the name goes, you just need to inflate the bowling pins, the bowling ball, and roll.

The bowling pins are six in number, and the bowling ball is a big, round, black ball. With this game, everyone can be a winner. Even though the balls and pins are over-sized, both adults and children can win at the can. But you have to inflate them first. How? You can inflate the ball and the pin with the use of an electric or hand-operated pump. You can get either of these pumps from an online store. Once the game is over,  clean the set with water. 


2. Bottle Bash Game Set

You don't have to hone your aiming skills with the use of a gun. Sometimes, all you need is a cool flying-disc outdoor game, like this game. How does it work? You place the unbreakable bottles on a flat surface or a perch. Then, you try to knock the bottle off the perch with a flying-disc.

Whoever knocks down the highest number of bottles wins the game. Sounds easy, right? On the contrary, it's not. You need focus. The reason is, you set the bottle on a telescoping pole at a considerable distance. But the wind can interfere with the disc on its way to knocking the bottle off the perch. And just like that, you lose. This game is a family-friendly game. That is, it is suitable for both adults and kids.


1.Putterball Game

The Putterball game is the best of the best backyard games for Summer. It is a revolutionary addition to the list of backyard games. Hence, it is no surprise that it is the king of all backyard games. What do I mean? Let's see!

First, the Putterball game brings an entire golf course to your backyard. It presents the golf course in the form of a green putting beer pong golf mat with hole covers. You can set it up anywhere -indoors or outdoors. 

Second, anybody can play the Putterball game. It is so easy, and the distance to the golf hole is not like the distance on a golf course. This game encourages inclusivity. That is, anyone can partake in fun derived from the game. 

It turns an amateur into a pro. So, in the end, everybody wins!

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