The Best Fourth of July Activities For Family

The Best Fourth of July Activities For Family

Welcome to the most popular holiday in summer: the fourth of July! It is the favorite day of many and for obvious reasons too. It is a day when we have our fill of food, parties, and fireworks. And don’t forget the extra fun that comes with enjoying all these with family.

Are you brainstorming some fourth of July activities? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are our five top picks of some killer fourth of July activities that you can plan to have with friends and family. Check this out!

5 Fun Fourth of July Activities For Family

1.   Go Camping

Camping is one activity that remains an adventure for both old and young. Find a great campsite near home and have a blast with your family. What if this is not possible this year? Don’t worry, you can try backyard camping instead.

Just make sure you include all the ingredients for a terrific camp time. Set up your tents and enjoy a great cookout. Wake up early and have the best sunrise hike of your life. Make some s’mores as the campfire illuminate your faces. Then, crown it all with a scary storytime before going to bed. 

2.   Host a Family Picnic

Since it is ideal to spend the fourth of July outdoors, why not spice it up by hosting a family picnic. What’s more? Nothing bonds families together than some quality family picnic time. So head over to your favorite park with your loved ones and your picnic basket in hand.

Enjoy the warm weather on your face as you feast on all those sumptuous recipes you came along with. For an even enjoyable time, go along with some good music, games, or books. These will keep you entertained long after the conversation dwindles.

3.   Arrange a Neighborhood Block Party

What’s a fourth of July celebration without a neighborhood block party! This is unarguably one of the most funfilled fourth of July activities every year. It is the stone soup of the independence day celebration, where everybody gets so much, though bringing little.

You can coordinate this by inviting your neighbors to an online meeting to plan the party. Next is to get the necessary permit for your event which can take place in your backyard or street. Encourage everyone to contribute or volunteer for something. Then wake up to an awesome fourth of July celebration filled with drinks, food, party, and amazing friends and family. 

4.   Lounge in the Pool

What if you want to keep it simple without the whole fourth of July hustle of bustle? We understand. Sometimes when it comes to celebrations, less is more.  A great activity would be to spend the day with family in the pool as you enjoy the warmth of the sun on your face. 

Just remember to arrange your drinks and delicious summer meals. Allow a patriotic tune to sound off in the background. Then, kick back and lounge in the pool with inflatable tubes as you enjoy your own special fourth of July celebration.

5.   Enjoy a Backyard Game With PutterBall

Still pumped up with energy and excitement after the fireworks? It’s time to enjoy a backyard game, preferably, one that can engage the whole family. Our top pick on this one is no other game than PutterBall.

PutterBall is a backyard golf game that is perfect for those who have never played golf and those who enjoy it. It is an ingenious combination of beer pong and golf. It is great for all ages and easy to learn. Set up prizes for the winners and watch your loved ones have the biggest fun of their lives.


The fourth of July celebration is not just a time to celebrate the birth of our nation. It is also a time to bond with our loved ones. So are you planning your independence day activities? These fourth of July activities will ensure you and your family have a blast this year.

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