The Best Indoor Golf Practice Hacks and Tricks

The Best Indoor Golf Practice Hacks and Tricks

If you’re a golf player, then you’ll agree that there is nothing more fun than winning a golf game. In the same vein, there’s also nothing more frustrating than being stuck at a point and being unable to play the game well.

There is always room for improvement and so the solution to enjoying the game of golf whether as a profession or as a hobby lies in finding the perfect indoor practice routine. So, are you ready to beat your rivals and knock off some points during your golf games? We’ve got you covered. Here are five indoor golf practice hacks and tricks that will improve your game.

5 Best Indoor Golf Practice Hacks and Tricks

1.   Improve your golfing fitness

One of the most neglected but important hacks and tricks for practicing your golf game is the necessity to maintain your golfing fitness. This is not just limited to generally keeping fit, but also performing warm-up exercises before your game begins.

These exercises go a long way to prepare you for your game both physically and mentally and also improves your flexibility, health and fitness in several ways. There are so many pre-game exercises you can adopt including stretching, walking, practice swings, etc.

2.   Mental practice

Another great way to improve your golf at home is to engage the mental side of the game. To succeed as often as you want to in the game of golf, you need to build your confidence in the game. A great way of doing this is to adopt some visualization techniques and course management.

You need to visualize exactly how you want your swing to look, where your wrists should be during impact and the particular hole you desire your tee shot to land in. This may sound cheesy to an amateur, but for the pros, they know that doing so often helps to improve your swing on the course.

3.   Perfect your swings

Indeed, the holy grail of golf is discovering your perfect game swing. To make a good hit, you need to have a good swing rhythm. Thankfully, whether it’s raining outside or it’s near impossible to access the golf course, you can still practice and hone your swing skills indoors.

All you need to do is practice your stand and balance until you’re perfect. This is because making a perfect swing is powered by the body and not the arms and hands. So you need to learn how to control and move the club with your body.

4.   Posture and plane check

Your grip and posture often determine how great or bad your swing is. So another great way to improve your golf is to check your posture in a full-length mirror. Doing so does two very important things for you- it shows you where your hands need to be on the club. Secondly, it spikes up your confidence.

Again, many amateur golfers suffer from a bad posture in their golf swings. By practicing indoors with a full-length mirror, you will be able to evaluate your normal set-up position. With this knowledge, you can then adjust any bend in your knee, the angle of your spine, and any other wrong posture.

5.   Practice with PutterBall

Another terrific indoor golf practice hack and skill is PutterBall. This is an ingenious game that combines the features of beer pong and golf. It’s perfect for, tailgates, BBQs, family game nights, beach days, offices, basements, camping trips and so many more!

PutterBall comes with a portable turf board, two standard (31-inch) mini-golf putters, two standard PutterBall logo performance golf balls, and 12 turf hole covers. All of these features make it a perfect tool for your indoor golf practice.


Improving your golf is a necessity to enjoying the game of golf. However, it’s no secret that we can’t always access the golf course. It, therefore, becomes necessary to have adequate indoor practice routines that can help enhance our game. Working with indoor games like PutterBall is not only fun but also goes a long way in improving our golf skills.

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