The Best Indoor Golf Training Equipment: A Guide to Improving Your Game

The Best Indoor Golf Training Equipment: A Guide to Improving Your Game

Do you like the game of golf, but your indolent golfing skills make you unable to play it? Or do you know how to play golf, but the distance between your home and the golf course makes it difficult to practice your game? Guess what! We’ve got the solution- Putterball.

Putterball offers you the best indoor golf training equipment that allows you to practice your golf from the confines of your home. With its rich training kit, you get to work on steps and routines to make you a perfect golfer while bypassing the need for costly golf club memberships.


Putterball presents a handy way to enjoy golf from your space without missing out on the excitement of the game. It comes with a portable turf board which you can lay out in your living room, game room, or even bedroom.

It serves as an ideal social-distance stay-at-home game that helps keep boredom in check. Its two standard golf putters are perfect for both left and right-handed players, so no one gets to miss out on the fun. The two standard performance golf balls and 12 turf hole covers complete the best indoor golf training equipment to your taste.

How to Improve Your Golf Games: Steps in Playing PutterBall

The steps to playing a good game of putterball include;

Step 1

Unfold the game into its playing shape. Then verify that there are two putters, two golf balls, and 12 hole covers.

Step 2

Arrange the players into teams of one or two with two or four players on each team.

Step 3

Decide who goes first, either by going with the classic ‘ladies first’ or tossing a coin.

Step 4

Both teams should take turns hitting the balls until one misses. Your team can hit the ball one or two times into the other team’s holes.

As a player sinks a hole, it is covered up by the green putter until it gets to the final hole. At this point, the team that hits all its six holes first emerges as the winner.

In the case where the opposing team sinks all their rebuttal shots then they have a playoff with the other team going first.

Rules For Playing Putterball

Like every game, rules are there to give meaning to each action taking place. A Putterball game has some set of rules that apply to it and they include;

Rule 1: Honors

The rule to determine which team goes first in a golf game is known as ‘honors’. In simpler terms- ‘ladies first.’

If there are no ladies amongst the players, then you can go for a coin flip, or duel of rock, paper, scissors. You can utilize any action that depicts fairness.

Rule 2: Turns

Both teams take turns attempting to make cups, with each person hitting per turn. Once a cup is made, you place a cover over the hole to remove it from the play.

Rule 3: Redemption

When a team makes all six cups successfully, the opposing team has a chance for redemption. If the team given the redeeming chance makes all their cups, then the winner is decided in overtime.

In a case where they miss their shots, the other team wins.

Rule 4: Overtime

In the game of overtime, the original rules apply except that only three cups are allowed to be uncovered. The first team to make all three cups overtime wins, as there are no second chances in this scenario.


PutterBall allows you and your friends to harness and improve your golf skills without having to sign up for expensive golf courses and memberships. With its portable training tools, there is little limit to the environment you get to practice in. This makes Putterball the best indoor golf training equipment for improving your game.

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