The Importance Of Games During Quarantine

The Importance Of Games During Quarantine

With half the country stuck inside due to the various current events, it has become more important than ever to find ways to keep your family entertained without needing to take a trip outside your home. Gone are the days where you could just pack your family off to the mall or the park to let them stretch their legs, and with many children doing their schooling from home they can’t even work off excess energy at recess and end their days stuck in front of a computer needing some time outside.

Enter PutterBall. This beer pong inspired golf game is fun for the whole family! The adults can play with the typical beer pong rules (and drinks) for a great night in, and the next day the kids can take over and get the hand-eye coordination practice they would usually get playing games in gym class. 

While the ideal situation would involve getting some fresh air and sunshine while you play, PutterBall is also great indoors. The important thing is getting up and on your feet and completing a fun physical activity. The loss of gym class, and regular excuses to exercise for all ages, is going to be one of the hardest things to recover from. While the beginning of quarantine saw a rise in online yoga classes, baking and new hobbies, by month 6 many people have settled into a mostly sedentary lifestyle consisting of takeout and netflix. A new game designed to get the household to come together and have some fun together is just what we need.

Today it boasts over 1,000 five star reviews, PutterBall was started by two self claimed very average guys - average looking, average at golf, and average at writing - who wanted to have fun with (and compete against) their friends and family who have never played golf before. Now it’s grown into a national phenomenon and bringing joy to families across the country. Join the party and get your official PutterBall set from or on Amazon! 

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