The Top 5 Indoor Golf Practices That Will Give You The Edge

The Top 5 Indoor Golf Practices That Will Give You The Edge

Except for golfers who are fortunate to live in California or Florida where the golfing season lasts for the entire year, the winter season can be full of frustration for most golf lovers. However, it’s no reason to stop your golf practices and wait till springtime.


There are many indoor golf practices you can do to help keep your golf skills and muscles sharp. In this article, we show you five best indoor golf practices that will not only enhance your skills in time for the golf fest during spring but will also give you an edge.

5 Top Indoor Golf Practices For all Golf Lovers

1.   Indoor chipping drills

Scared of damaging your mama’s china pot while practicing your chipping indoors? We’ve got the perfect solution for this. Perfecting your chipping skills is one way to be ahead of the game when spring comes.

Simply grab a towel or towels and place about ten golf balls on the floor. Ensure the towel is within a reasonable distance away from you, say about ten feet. Then try to land all ten balls perfectly onto the towel(s). When you have achieved this feat, then change over to a smaller towel and repeat the process. This improves your focus and helps you to land your chip shots.

2.   Indoor putting drills

There are so many amazing putting drills you can do from the confines of your home, irrespective of whether you have a smooth surface, a carpeted floor or a rug. Carpeted floors are often the best surface to practice your putting. All you need is a DIY target hole and you’re good to go.

Where you have a rug, you can place a tape on the floor, but make sure it’s straight. Then, go ahead to practice your putting strokes while ensuring that your backstroke doesn’t hit the skirting nor goes beyond the tape line or your rug.

3.   Full swing drills

When you fail to practice enough or consistently, one of the things that suffer the most is your swing path, especially your backswing. So, whether it’s raining or it’s too chilly outside, you can still practice your swings. All you need is a space large enough to make a comfortable full swing.

A poor setup affects your swing, correct this by placing a full-length mirror in your practice location. Form a good grip on the club and bring it back exactly halfway. With the mirror in front of you, you will be able to view all angles. Ensure you get the correct position and take a full swing. This procedure helps to improve your consistency and swing path by the time you return to the golf course.

4.   Hitting into the net

Success in golf requires precision. A good indoor golf practice during this season will be to hit golf balls into a practice net. You can hit as many as 30-40 shots every day, totaling about 150-200 hits per week. This helps to keep your muscles and body loose in the coming golf months.

It’s true playing indoors may not allow you to see the result of your swing. However, by doing this exercise you will be able to improve your feel and contact. With time, you will begin to notice the difference between when you hit the ball off the toe or heel and when you strike it solid in the center.

5.   Practice with PutterBall

Our final pick of the top indoor golf practice tool is PutterBall. This is an amazing indoor golf practice tool for all professional golf players and budding players. It is a perfect blend of both beer pong and golf and can be played by people of all ages.

It comes with a portable turf board which makes it easy to be played both indoors and outdoors as well as at family game nights, tailgates, BBQs, offices, basements and camping trips. Whether you wish to practice your swings, chips, and putts, PutterBall’s two standard (31-inch) mini-golf putters, two standard golf balls and 12 turf hole covers make it the perfect indoor practicing tool.


Unless you want to feel rusted when the golf season comes along again, practicing your golf indoors remains the perfect solution. Thankfully, there are numerous techniques and amazing indoor games like PutterBall, that can comfortably allow you to achieve this without stress.

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