Throwing An Awesome Fourth of July Party

Throwing An Awesome Fourth of July Party

It's almost that time of the year when we bring out the white, red, and blue decorations. When we make fireworks crackle, enjoy our summer cocktails, and spend quality time with friends and family. All these are possible when we throw an awesome fourth of July party.

Not just any kind of soiree, but one that can help us wear our patriotism on our sleeves. So are you in search of some fourth of July party ideas? Look no further! These five fun ideas will certainly make you the perfect host and keep your guests entertained.

5 Awesome Fourth of July Party Ideas

1.   Patriotic Luminaries

 A great fourth of July party idea is to illuminate your home or party location's entrance with these patriotic luminaries. This charming and aesthetic-looking design will give your party a touch of class and style. What's more? You can design this yourself.

All you need is some glass pickle jars, American flags, and some tea lights. Extract the stick from the flag and remove the label on the pickle jars. Cover the jar with the flag using some Mod Podge.  Add some tea lights into the container and watch the night beautifully come alive before your eyes.

2.   Paint Stars on Your Lawn

The joy and reward of all your labor come when your guests love your party. Another idea to make your fourth of July party a success is to paint bright white, red, and blue stars on your lawn. Guess what? This is simple and fun to do.

Simply, cut out a star from a piece of old cardboard and get a construction marking spray paint. Once done, place the cardboard over your lawn and paint in turn different patriotic colors over the opening. Worried about your grass? No need. Your grass is safe so long as your paint is construction-grade spray paint.

3.   Make Use of Confetti Poppers

We all know how amazing sparklers are, but we also know how unsafe they can be sometimes. These do-it-yourself confetti poppers are not only quick and easy but also safe. Not to mention, fun too, both for adults and kids.

Any more highlights? Certainly! You can also use these confetti poppers on New Year's Eve too and it has steps that are easy to learn.  When done, simply launch the confetti high into the air. Watch it go pop as the crowd cheers its glorious ascent into the sky.

4.   Patriotic Popsicle Flag Craft

Don't even think of leaving the kids behind during your fourth of July party. In addition to their costumes, your kids will certainly love to create these popsicle stickers and sticks bearing the American flag.

Get them some red, white, and blue paint, popsicle sticks, painter’s tape, rhinestones, and ribbon. The result will be this gorgeous mini Popsicle Flag. You can use it to decorate your walkway. Likewise, your kids can wave them around during parades.

5.   Spice it up With PutterBall

Now that your fourth of July party is lit with the right decor and food, it is time to entertain your guests with a backyard game. What you are looking for is a game that is easy to learn and play and will bring out your guests' competitive spirit as well. The best game to do this is PutterBall.

Putterball is an exciting game that merges beer pong and golf. It is perfect for people of all ages and is easy to learn whether you have played golf before or not.  It comes with a compact turf board that has six holes on each end. The winner is the team that is the first to cover the opponent’s six holes.


Coming up with fourth of July party ideas can be quite difficult. This is especially when you don’t want to repeat exactly what you did last year. Or when you want your party to be unique and different. We understand and this is why we have chosen these awesome fourth of July party ideas just for you. Give them a try and a terrific party is guaranteed.

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