Top Backyard Golf Games for the Weekend

Top Backyard Golf Games for the Weekend

Wouldn't you love to play and enjoy your golf game while never leaving the comfort of your home? The rise in golf's popularity has led to a massive increase in the game's variants for the public to play anywhere and in many different gun ways.

Here is our list of top backyard golf games to try out this weekend.

1.   Beer Pong Golf

Are you looking to enjoy a short golf game in your backyard while sipping your favorite beer? If so, look no further than beer pong! The game uses golf clubs.

You'll set two can-hole planks (board-style) on an incline. After setting cups inside the faux-grass surface, you'll be ready to go. You'll have to sink ten holes before your opponent, including a chipping mat.

2.   PutterBall

PutterBall fuses beer pong with golf. If you love beer pong, then you'll definitely love putter ball as well. The game consists of board (portable) that you can easily fold, making it convenient and ready for travel.

There're six holes on either side of the board. A PutterBall set also has two rightly/lefty putters, a collection of covers to hide the holes, and two balls.

Your target is to direct the ball into your opponent's holes. Every time the ball enters the opponent’s hole, the hole is covered.

The focus is to be the first person to cover all your competitor's six holes. The side that manages to cover the six holes gets the lead. The opponent gets an opportunity again to cover all the other side's six holes in one go. Missing any chance makes the leading team win the game automatically.

3.   Ladder Golf

Like lawn darts or horseshoes ladder, golf players toss sets of objects (two balls tied together- bolas) closest to predetermined targets. In the case of ladder golf, the predetermined target is a three-runged ladder. When a player tosses rightly (with five paces away from the ladder), the two balls tied together with a string wraps around the rungs. The player's objective is to be the first to score twenty-one points exactly, tossing three balls when it's their turn.

4.   Disc Golf

Disc golf is similar to regular golf games. The difference is that unlike in original golf (where a player targets the golf ball), a disk golf player targets the disc into the aim.

The player's goal is to aim each hole in the least possible strokes, and the player who accomplished precisely that becomes the winner.

You don't have to be a professional golf player to enjoy or love the game. Whatever your favorite part of the game is, it's not hard to find a backyard version of the game to enjoy with your family and friends this summer.

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