Unique Backyard Games: Your Guide To Outdoor Fun

Unique Backyard Games: Your Guide To Outdoor Fun

Nothing beats boredom, builds teamwork, and encourages healthy competitions more than backyard games. As summer approaches, watching TV or playing board games may no longer cut it. This is because the warm summer weather always wants company.

For a great summer experience, some choose to go to summer camps or vacations. But most times, the lasting memories are the ones you made at home with your friends and family. Thankfully, certain backyard games will give you this and more.

So are you looking for the best outdoor games to play with friends and family?. We have rounded these three amazing backyard games that will help time fly and keep you entertained for as long as you want. Check this out!

3 Most Unique Backyard Games To Play This Summer

1.   Spikeball

This is one of our top picks of the best outdoor games for obvious reasons. Whether you have played volleyball before, Spikeball doesn’t care. Its easy-to-learn rules ensure that within ten minutes you are already hitting monster spikes. 


With this one, you need not waste time setting up a volleyball net when you can have the Spikeball in position within seconds. It is portable and is designed with foldable legs that make it easy to store in your closet, trunk, or garage.

Its net is adjustable to suit every preference. You can choose to play at tournament standard when playing with pros. Or you can adjust the net to accommodate the rookies. This means extra bounces for newbies and fewer bounces for the experts.

How To Play

Wherever the party is, Spikeball can go. It can be literally played anywhere. Including the backyard, lawn, gym, or beach. All you need is four adventurous individuals that are ready to have the fun of their lives.

The first team begins by hitting the ball down so that it ricochets to the other team. Each team gets three chances to return the ball and ensure it does not hit the ground. You get to score a point if the other team is unable to return the ball to the net within their three chances. While the first team to make 21 wins takes the trophy home. 

2.   Outdoor Horseshoe Set

Who remembers the original horseshoe game? If you do, then you will agree that this improved horseshoe set gives you a full dose of fun while also keeping you safe. Thus, your family outing is incomplete without this one. Moreso, when you can play it under any weather condition.


This Outdoor Horseshoe Set is designed with weather-conducive and durable materials. You can decide to take the rubber horseshoe set on your next road trip or set it up on your lawn. This is thanks to its portable design that can easily fit into your trunk or even your backpack.

It comes with two lightweight rubber horseshoes of red and royal blue color. Likewise, there are double black rubber mats supported with two yellow posts and ground stakes., All these are fit into a compact package that makes for a quick and easy setup. 

How To Play

Don’t get scared with all the talks about `ringers’. The Horseshoe game may seem complex at first, but once you learn the basics, the fun begins. It can be played by two people or four people in teams of two.

Once you have set up your rubber mats, posts and stakes, each player or team throws their horseshoe straight onto the stake or very close to it. The team or player that is first to reach the points agreed (often 15 or 21) is the winner.

3.   Outdoor Ring Toss

Don’t be fooled by the name Outdoor Ring Toss. This game can conveniently entertain the whole family both indoors and outdoors. Whether you are buying this one for your kid or your grandparents, the Outdoor Ring Toss is indeed a game for all ages. This amazing game is also known to improve your kid’s hand-eye coordination.


The Outdoor Ring Toss has so many incredible features. One of which is its portability and easy storage feature. Unlike other games, setting up this one is easy peasy. Its set up and dismantling can be done in as little as three minutes.

It comes with a sturdy wooden pegboard and three sets of rings. This includes five rope rings and ten plastic red and blue rings. Likewise, its portable carry bag makes it easy to store anywhere and anytime.

How To Play

This is not just one of the best outdoor games but also one of the easiest to learn. All you need is a great hand and eye coordination to have fun at this game. Remember, the target is to ensure that your ring lands around the posts.

You gain one point if your target lands on the outer post. While you gain three points for when you make it to the middle post. This is done in turns, while the player that is first to make 15 points goes home a winner.


What makes summer fun is not just the possibility of spending more time outdoors. Rather it is the outdoor activities that make all the difference. Hence, as summer approaches, we understand the need to have some backyard games handy. This is why we have put together these three best outdoor games for you. Check them out and prepare yourself for the most fun-filled summer.

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