Yeah, We Hate Golf...Here’s Why

Yeah, We Hate Golf...Here’s Why


You may not believe it, but there are people in this world who simply hate the game of golf. Conceding that these folks are basically scoundrels, they still have a right to be haters.

And while those of us who read this blog simply adore the game, the haters have their reasons for considering golf a waste of good time, money and real estate.

So what are these reasons? I’m sure there are more, but I basically boiled-it-down to five big issues…Let’s examine them:

Golf is Misunderstood

“How do I use a small clubhead to hit an even smaller ball?” “Better yet, how do you do it for hours outside?” One can only explain away so much to ‘non golfball-lievers’.

Golf is Too Boring

Sure, you and I know that golf is about pulling-off the seemingly impossible perfect shot every time you hit the ball. Though to non-golfers, it’s a downright snore. People that don’t understand golf, just don’t appreciate laying up on a par 5 or sinking that impossible long putt. This is certainly not your backyard golf game. 

Golf is Too Hard

Do you know one that one person who has the need to be great at everything they do? It’s the best to get these people out on the golf course. This way you can internally enjoy watching them hack and wreck the green with divots trying to sink one. They’re probably just waiting to turn around and challenge you to a game of beer pong. But hey, that’s what sports with friends is for. One man’s torture is another’s humor.

Golf is Too Expensive

We’ll give the golf haters this one. When you compare the expense of playing golf with playing, say, any other outdoor sport, golf will certainly be a higher bill. It’s not like picking up a Dick’s basketball and hitting up your public court. Golf comes with the itemized bill of attributed greens fees, set of golf clubs and the constant replacement of golf balls (you thought losing tennis balls was annoying). For this reason, golf has been unkindly named (and continues to be) a “rich man’s” game. 

Perhaps golf is expensive, but what if there was a way to play golf that proved all the above points wrong? Before you tell your golfer friend how unlikeable their favorite sport is, dare I say challenge them to a game of Putterball? The game that has cut down the course size, sped up the playing time, and is the “affordable man’s” game. The hybrid golf beer pong game that brings all golf haters and lovers together. The best, drinking, short game you’ve ever played.

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