Plan A Fun Office Party With These Games

Plan A Fun Office Party With These Games

Well, it’s quite true that being an adult and working at an office is pretty tiring. You wake up at the same time in the morning, eat something, and drive your way to the workplace. At first, it seems to be quite enjoyable, but later, it becomes absolutely boring. So, how could you strike up some fun in your office's environment

Yes, you've guessed it right. You'll need to throw a party and a good one at that.

But how could you make turn the mood right up of a boring office gathering? The answer to this question is obvious as well – throw some exciting games into the party. Sounds about right, doesn't it? We bet it does. Here, we will be talking about a few games that can lighten and brighten your party's mood.

Let’s get started with it. 

  1. Putterball

Do you like to play golf, or do you only like to show off your skills here and there? Either way, organizing a Putterball competition can be an excellent idea for you. The Putterball set comes with a lightweight and portable golf turf, which you can put into your office's backyard. Besides, it also features two steady golf putters and balls.

Furthermore, there are six different holes available in the turf, which can either be opened or covered by the covers. Hence, if you want to make the game a bit challenging for your colleagues, you can keep only one hole open and try to make a putt on it. But, if you all just want to enjoy the evening together, you can do otherwise. 

  1. Scavenger Hunt

Yes, you have seen it right! Scavenger Hunt is one of those games that can make the office environment a lot of funnier and increase the employees' collaboration skills. For this, all you will have to do is to make some cryptic messages, which will describe any particular things in the office in a metaphorical manner.

After that, separate all your office employees in two different teams and give them the list. Now, they will have to find each of the things mentioned in the list and click a picture of them. The team, which finds everything in the shortest amount of time, would win the competition. You can also keep a 'winner's prize' to make the contest more engaging.      

  1. One Truth and Two Lies

You probably can already guess at least something about the game from its name. However, we'll still describe it anyway. So, to play it, each and every member of your office has to write two lies and one truth about them in a paper. After that, the other will have to speculate which is which. It is actually fun to know more about the people you work on a daily basis.

  1. Desk Thief

This one is probably one of the funniest games that you will ever organize in your office. For it, you will, first, have to steal at least one common thing from each of the employee’s desk. Make sure to choose those things that they generally use daily. Once you have gathered all of them, you can ask your colleagues to find out what or what belongs to them. A person can guess about the others’ belongings as well. The individual, who makes most of the right guesses, wins.

  1. Death by a Wink

Are you looking for a more subtle game where no one has to run around even a bit? Then, this game is for you. In this one, you will have to distribute everyone a piece of paper. Make sure to mark one of them with a D (detective) and the other one with an M (murderer).

On the other hand, the remaining players will get a V (victim) marked paper. Now, the killer will start his or her notorious killing by winking at their victims. So, the detective’s job will be to find the murderer before he or she slaughter everyone with their deadly wink.

  1. Presume Whose Job

So, in this game, everyone will have to write two fun things about their life at the office. It can be anything, like if you have ever failed in a project or topped against another of your colleague. Thus, after everyone is done with their writing, you will keep the papers in a bowl and shuffle.

After that, you will pick one of them up and say loudly about what’s written on it. Now, everyone has to guess the person who has written it on the paper, other than the writer of it, of course.

  1. Office Olympics

Almost each and every one of us is enticed with the thrill of the ancient Olympics games? So, why don’t you try something for your office as well? Well, obviously, we are not telling you to organize a running competition now. We will also have to keep the senior citizens in mind, too, right? 

Thus, in that case, you can organize a small snack eating contest. However, if there are too many fitness freaks in your office, you can also come with an interoffice biking idea. But, in this case, you will have to grant the winner with a prize. Otherwise, you might not be able to enlist enough competitors for your cause.


Working in an office is definitely pretty stressful and nerve-racking. Therefore, sometimes, throwing one or two parties now and then can help the employees to stay engaged with their work and give their best every day. Moreover, the games can also freshen up their mind and improve their collaborative skills. So, they will start trusting each other even more, which, in turn, will increase the overall productivity of the office.  

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