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Family Pack Add On - 2 Putters + 2 Balls

Family Pack Add On - 2 Putters + 2 Balls

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Upgrade your PutterBall set with two extra putters and two extra balls. Now it's a party!
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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Sheryl Duncan
Fun for all

I ordered the extra set because my whole family plays. We love the quick option to pull it out for a game or 2 and I’ve also ordered the tote travel bag so that my husband can take it to work and the guys play on their break.

Houston Brown
The more the better

Awesome accessory to have so you don’t have to switch putters around when you play 2v2. All four putters are a different length as well so you can find the one that matches you the best.

Alex Henry
Great fun

Love this game! Recently got snowed in and this kept us entertained for hours!! Putterball’s customer service team is fabulous! Fixed a shipping issue in approximately 2 minutes and all was well! Highly recommend for fun times! Great crowd pleaser.

Sue Howland
Fab Fun

cant pry this out of my husband
and boys hands!!! so much fun!!!

Ryan Danger Sims
Not fore, FIVE! (get it? hahahahahaaahahhaha)

An awesome party game you can play anywhere! I would play it in a box. And I would play it with a fox. And I would play it in a house. And I would play it with a mouse. And I would play it here and there. Say! I I would play Putterball anywhere!